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Welcome Students, Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Administrators and anyone interested in STEM education

Here you will find information and resources to guide you through the Iowa Project Lead The Way (PLTW) program. See the opportunities PLTW delivers to a growing number of young men and women.

PLTW is truly a K-12 solution!

PLTW Launch

K-5 students are introduced to the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)

PLTW Gateway

Middle school students learn that there is more than one way to reach a solution

PLTW Engineering

High school students learn to innovate, think critically, and collaborate to solve problems

PLTW Computer Science

Tomorrow's technologies, learned today

PLTW Biomedical Science

Bring the future of the biomedical sciences alive


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New! PLTW Purchasing Manual Updates
New! Achievement Level Descriptors and Achievement Indicators Now Available
New! Assessment System Practice Test Now Available
New! PLTW and College Board Partner to Make Students More College and Career Ready
Updated! 2015-16 Software Reminders
Updated! Now Available: Preview Access to 2015-16 PLTW Courses
Readiness and Core Training Registration for Summer 2015 Is Open!

2014-15 Testing Cycle Tips
(Also under Assessment tab)
With the 2014-15 testing cycle underway, the PLTW assessment program would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a few tips on how to have a successful test administration and experience for both teachers and students.

Now Available: Preview Access to 2015-16 PLTW Courses
PLTW is pleased to announce that preview access to the 2015-16 courses will be made available on May 1 in the myPLTW Learning Management System (LMS). The preview versions will be provided as view-only access to courses prior to the full release on July 1.

Assessment Must-Knows for the 2014-15 School Year
As the end of another school year is quickly approaching, the Assessment Program would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the changes, enhancements, and requirements of the 2014-15 End of Course (EoC) assessments.

PLTW Assessment Program
The PLTW Assessment Program is excited to announce the roll-out of performance-based items for many of our high school courses. Performance-based items are open-response item types that allow students to show and apply what they have learned in the course. PLTW teachers developed these items, which are another resource that supports balanced assessment in the classroom.

We are excited to announce that the 2016 PLTW Summit will take place March 20-23, 2016, at the JW Marriott Indianapolis. Please mark your calendars for this opportunity to connect, collaborate, celebrate, and learn alongside other leaders in education and business. Registration will open in fall 2015.

STEM Premier
STEM Premier is an online platform that assists students in designing a career pathway, educators in recruiting top talent to their schools, and employers in developing a stable, continuous talent pipeline. PLTW students are highly sought after by both higher education institutions and businesses. The STEM Premier service is a key tool to help those students actively promote their accomplishments, as well as a tool utilized by institutions of higher education and corporations to connect with those students.

PLTW Readiness Training Registration Opens Feb. 2, 2015
Readiness Training, the first phase of PLTW's three-phase professional development, is designed to introduce teachers to Project Lead The Way and the activity-, project-, and problem-based instructional approach that our curriculum utilizes. In addition, Readiness Training will introduce participants to specific courses and the software that is relevant to those courses. Participants engage in Readiness Training, available at no cost, through the myPLTW Learning Management System (LMS).

Successful completion of Readiness Training serves as a prerequisite to Core Training registration.

2015-2016 Scale-Up Program Updates and Proposed Timeline
The Governor's STEM Advisory Council will keep the current ten providers for a second year and open up a small Request for Proposal (RFP) cycle to bring in up to five additional programs to appear on the educator menu in spring of 2015. The Council, depending on responses to the RFP, may target areas of emphasis to be favored such as computer science, mathematics, life science, career awareness, interdisciplinarity, etc.

The RFP cycle closed on December 12, 2014, and programs are being reviewed.

PLTW Launch Building-Level Readiness Training Update
PLTW released an enhanced PLTW Launch Building-Level Readiness Training course on Dec. 1, 2014. This new course simplifies the enrollment process by allowing teachers to self-enroll. Instead of having a course that is specific to each PLTW Launch school, all PLTW Launch teachers will self-enroll in the same PLTW Launch Building-Level Readiness Training course. Lead Teachers as well as Classroom Teachers will be students in the new course.

Student Rostering for 2014-15 School Year is Now Open!
Rostering for the 2014-15 school year is now open! All PLTW Launch, PLTW Gateway, PLTW Engineering, PLTW Computer Science, and PLTW Biomedical Science students need to be rostered by the PLTW District Administrator, School Administrator, or Principal. Once students are rostered, teachers can enroll them into the PLTW Learning Management System (LMS).

Get Certified in Leading 3-D Design Software Programs From Autodesk
Certiport and Autodesk have teamed with PLTW to expand access to industrial certification.

2014-15 PLTW Assessment Guide
This can also be found under "College Credit/Assessment"

PLTW Assessment Program Update: Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) Released Sample End of Course (EoC) Items
As promised, the PLTW Assessment Program has rolled out the Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) released sample End of Course (EoC) items. These released items will provide both teachers and students with an opportunity to experience the types of questions that are found on the EoC assessment, as well as understand the level of rigor of the EoC.

NEW: - Iowa's Marketplace for Education Jobs Now Under "Resources" Tab
Learn more about PLTW job openings in the State of Iowa

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