Project Lead The Way Student Survey Fact Sheet

We are committed to delivering a student experience that is engaging, relevant, and challenging, and we want to hear how we're doing. That's why, starting on Monday, May 8, we are inviting middle school and high school students to provide their feedback – in a formal and measurable way –through a student survey. Students' survey responses will influence how we continue to create engaging and inspiring learning experiences and deliver them to all students.

Our Survey Objectives

Our primary objective is to gain insight into the extent to which students report PLTW courses to be engaging, relevant, and challenging. Our secondary objective is to better understand whether students consider the content they're learning in PLTW classes to be effective in helping them prepare for college and career.

The survey instrument will also include questions about past PLTW coursework, current grade, and student demographic information like race and gender (optional), which will give us an opportunity to learn whether and how these variables relate to student engagement.

Information Collection Details

Preview the survey to learn more about the insights we are looking to gather from students.

Survey Administration Information

The survey opens Monday, May 8, and will be administered online. The survey is optional, but participation is appreciated.

Students will be able to access to the survey through myPLTW, where a message will prompt them to participate. This message will display in myPLTW the entire time the survey is open, so once students have submitted their feedback, they can simply proceed to myPLTW.

When students open the survey, they will receive instructions on how to complete it.

If students are not signing into myPLTW frequently, please encourage them to do so in order to take the survey, or please consider providing your students with access to the survey link ( through email or other means.

When inviting your students to participate in the survey, you can simply copy and paste the following message and share:

Dear Student,

Project Lead The Way – the organization that helped design the materials for this class – is
seeking your feedback. Please click on the following link to share your thoughts through a brief
survey. Your answers will be anonymous.. Thank you!

PLTW Student Survey

To help ensure accuracy of data, we would appreciate if you could be sure your students know the exact names of the following:

The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

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