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Total Cost: $150.00 (Principles of Biomedical Science is $75.00), due at time of this application. After you click the NEXT button at the end of this application, you will be redirected to a page with a link where you can pay the non-refundable $150.00 (or $75 for Principles of Biomedical Science) application fee by credit card.

Please note that American Express is not accepted.

Congratulations on receiving college credit for your Project Lead The Way course!

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In order to access the Store, you just need a myPLTW account. All myPLTW user roles – Program Coordinator, Site Coordinator, Teacher, and General User – have access to the Store in myPLTW. We established the General User role so that school and district staff who support PLTW program operations, such as purchasing agents, IT staff, and grant managers, can access features like the Store in myPLTW.

Reminder: Launch Lead Teacher Update Training
All Launch Lead Teachers credentialed before June 1, 2017 are required to take part in an online update training. This online training provides all the tools and support they need to train and prepare other teachers to facilitate PLTW Launch in the classrooms.

Ensuring Curriculum Access, in All Situations
We design and develop PLTW courses with accessibility for all students in mind. We have also created specific tools and resources to help you support student access in the event of IEP/504 plan requirements, technology barriers (e.g., a student loses a device), purposes of translation (e.g., translations to braille), or some other classroom situation in which accessing the digital version is not possible or feasible.

How to Roster Your Students
To grant students access to Courses and their PLTW curriculum, you’ll need to roster them prior to, or at the start of, the school year. For more information on how to roster students for the 2017-18 school year, read the Student Roster Instructions and use the Student Roster Template to prepare your file.

Reminder: Retrieve Materials and Resources from LMS by Sep. 30
To support teachers' transition to Courses, the new way to access PLTW curriculum, teachers may continue to access the PLTW Learning Management System (LMS) until Sept. 30, 2017, to retrieve or export any materials or resources they wish to save for future use or reference. After Sept. 30, teachers will no longer have access to the PLTW LMS, including Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

To learn more about how to export materials from the LMS, visit the Getting Ready for the New School Year with PLTW FAQ guide and select "Transitioning from the Current PLCs" and "Transitioning from the PLTW LMS."

Student Access to Courses – Time to Roster
To grant students access to Courses, you’ll need to roster them prior to, or at the start of, the school year.

Getting Ready for the School Year
Have you checked out the new tools and features available in myPLTW?

Middle School and High School Student Survey
PLTW is committed to delivering a student experience that is engaging, relevant, and challenging, and they want to hear how they're doing. That’s why, starting on Monday, May 8, PLTW is inviting middle school and high school students to provide their feedback – in a formal and measurable way – through a student survey. Students’ survey responses will influence how PLTW continues to create engaging and inspiring learning experiences and deliver them to all students.

Software: Downloading, Installing, Troubleshooting
If you need assistance downloading, installing, or troubleshooting software, please visit our Software page.

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