10 Month Wonders: What Should Your Baby be Doing?

If you're a new parent, you might find yourself anxiously Googling developmental milestones for your child. Luckily, by the time your little one is 10-months-old, there's a lot they can do to impress and amaze you. Here are some of the exciting things your baby should be doing at this age:

10 Month Wonders: What Should Your Baby be Doing?

Let’s Get Physical

Steady on their feet

Your baby might already be taking steps independently or with support. They will still face tumble-and-fall moments. Our advice? Wrap your kid in bubble wrap.

Sitting pretty

At this point, most babies don't need a prop to stay seated upright (Still doesn’t mean they won’t spill everything on themselves though).

Actions speak louder than words

Your baby is probably getting much better at waving goodbye and clapping (they’re gonna love it when you try these out at home).

Playtime Heroes

Expecting small-movement games – such as passing toys between both hands – to become enjoyable activities for toddlers at this stage (Hint: Parental involvement required)

Cognitive Development

Communication skills through sounds and motions only

You'll see lots of babbling and arm-waving action from ten-month-old children. Don't worry if actual words aren't appearing yet; Mommy/Daddy will continue playing charades.

Object Permanence goes permanent

Babies are starting to learn that just because an object isn't visible doesn't signify its absence anymore! Hide-and-seek game just got more fun!

Foodie Alert

Parents oughta gear up for food-smearing bonanza by now! The trail starts with identifying favorite flavors/tastes as well as expanding preferences into different textures/bites/solids(lumpy food FTW!).

If all above is happening smoothly until here - congratulations - You've entered the double-digit milestone club of parenting. Keep going, parents - the fun’s just beginning!

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