10 ways to stop hair loss after pregnancy

Congratulations! You've successfully crossed the pregnancy finish line and are now basking in the glow of motherhood. However, all this glory might have come with a price - hair loss.

10 ways to stop hair loss after pregnancy

Postpartum hair loss can be as distressing as being neck-deep in dirty diapers. Luckily for you, we’ve put together hilarious ways to reverse your post-pregnancy hair loss woes!

1 - Invest in an Effortless Haircut

The first step towards stopping your hair from falling like autumn leaves is getting a haircut that requires little effort. The less damage done by prolonged brushing and combing will help to reduce further bouts of hair trauma. Think Pixie cut or bob style- they're not just kid-friendly but also parent friendly!

2 – Emphasize Your Inner Warrior Spirit Animal

Have you ever considered embracing your true spirit animal? Now’s the time! To prevent childbirth from affecting your outer beauty, why not grow out those long locks like any good lioness would do? Spark up some confidence within yourself by reflecting on how strong lionesses protect their cubs AND maintain luscious manes. Trust us; it will bring out that inner warrior within you.

3 – Don't Shy Away From Trying Wigs

Waddling around with one burnt orange pixie cut may seem boring after a while; mix it up with different wigs every week (or day)! With our modern-day technology advancements, wig options have expanded beyond granny-looking grey ones favored by bingo players only: think bright blues or pinks instead because there's no better way around rocking motherhood than doing so magically and colorfully!

A Wigged-Out Party

Why stop at wearing just one synthetic piece atop that gorgeous head of yours when you can create party themes centered around them? Imagine-- wig Wednesday, awesome afro Friday, and so on- it will definitely distract those pesky hormonal imbalances striving to dampen your post-pregnancy glow!

4 – Say Yes To Superglue

If wigs aren’t quite your vibe or budget, there’s always the option of supergluing each hair follicle to your scalp. It might sound a little messy but trust me when I say this ~~is~~ could be one of the most rewarding DIY endeavors you've ever attempted. No more fallen hair at parent teacher meetings or playdates; embrace the gluestick.

Getting Your Glue List Right

Before delving into a never-previously-tried-beauty-regime such as this one, make sure you’re using ECO-Friendly synthetic glue for sensitive skin types - because who knows what sorta sci-fi repercussions that cheap hardware store option might render?!

5 – Treat Yourself Like Royalty

As mothers/wives/partner(wo)men~ it's easy during those first few months after giving birth to get lost in attending/feeding/changing/napping cycles & forget about oneself entirely. But by drawing focus back onto well-needed self-care regimes like long baths (wine is recommended), beautician appointments and scalp massages ~it can work as~ working wonders not only physically but mentally too-- an improvement in mood can also translate into fuller-looking tresses!

6 – Invest In A Flattering Headwear Collection

Honey bunny listen up! You don't display confidence via image on bad head days? Then invest in some adorable headwear pieces like low hats , baseball caps which double up for trick-or-treat sessions occasionally as well ?! Embrace casual chicness with style: made famous by celebrities & lazy Sunday layabouts alike.

Caps With Personality

From Baby Yoda printed caps to fun Meow ones -- these awesome accessories will add oomph & personality to every outfit!

7 – Enlist A Styling Professional

Another effective tip is hiring a professional hair stylist to treat and nurture your damaged strands. Not only will they recommend the best rejuvenation treatments but also provide valuable advice on possible nourishing diet changes!

Vegan Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Why restrict veganism solely for internal health benefits? Introducing veggie smoothies, plant-based proteins (lentils/quinoa) or specific enriched superfoods like spinach, guava which sustain stronger hair growth conditions.

8 – Discover Your Inner DIY Self

Looking for a cost-friendly solution that solves all post-pregnancy problems? Listen closely - homemade oil-infused coconut concoctions ALWAYS work: This age-old routine has been proven traditionally beneficial by grandmoms across ages/continents! The process is simple too- gather natural ingredients we have at home (coconut oil-honey etc.), mix them & apply this generously as an overnight mask ~and voila~ witness those falling tresses re-growing over time!

Other Homemade Solutions To Try

Willing to explore beyond the omnipresent coconut ritual? Rosemary essential oils/vitamin E capsules mixed with castor-oil packs are known solutions: We guarantee no more expensive salon visits once you discover these tried-and-tested sustainable remedies.

9 – Gift Yourself Regular Massages

If you aren’t comfortable performing self-massages at home then indulge in some professional services weekly. Scalp massages not only ease tension from busy schedules, but it’s scientifically backed as one of the most rewarding ways for better blood circulation while revitalizing follicles.

10 - Embrace Courageous Baldness

Remember what RuPaul said about wigs; if "you don't feel good in one baby take it off"? Follow his lead by fully embracing baldness without any worries. It might sound scary, but you’ll be joining a growing trend out there!

Bald & Beautiful

From top models to everyday people, bald heads are becoming more & more celebrated. Perfectly shining and beautiful-as demonstrated by our favorites Vicky K and Natalie Portman- sometimes less really is MORE.

It’s easy to get bogged down in postpartum hair loss issues. However, through embracing the laughs along with all of these quirky tips ~~it can become~~ we hope it becomes even easier for you to overcome that pesky hormone-dictated phase!

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