20 and Forgetful: Unlocking the Mystery Behind Poor Memory

Are you someone who forgets what they had for breakfast or even if they had breakfast? Does your memory seem to instantly erase anything that is not etched into stone tablets? If so, don't worry. We've all been there, and we're here to help.

20 and Forgetful: Unlocking the Mystery Behind Poor Memory


Forgetfulness can be a frustrating experience. Most of us have been in situations where we forget something important like an appointment or a deadline at work. Forgetting things can also be embarrassing, especially when it happens in front of people we respect or admire. In this article, we'll try to solve the mystery behind poor memory and give you some tips on how to improve your recall abilities.

Why Do You Forget Things?

Let's begin by understanding why people forget things.

The transience effect

The human brain is designed to absorb new information constantly, but as new data floods in every day, old ones are taken out of commission through time-eyy-wimey process called transience effect - this phenomenon's fitting description for short-term memories which get replaced with newly acquired data 1 . This could explain why details such as what toppings were used on our lunch sandwich are hard to remember only after a few hours from eating.

Encoding failure

Often times forgetting occurs because one fails at encoding specific details properly causing its retrieval challenging down the lines given plenty of similar experiences e.g., names while being introduced.. Directly linked with attention span , holding focus throughout entire experiences/lapses before simply giving up would surely help alleviate any resultant embarrassment caused by faux pas resulting from missed recognition!

Fading memories due lack use It's official!

“Use it or lose it,” isn’t just suitable phrase relevant for career development anymore these days! Researches conducted shows mental exercise keeps our cognitive powers sharp well into advancing years. High amount authoring i.e., writing, reading or even completing puzzles will create many vital pathways that strengthen memories previously assumed dead- In other words prolonged growth signals can rejuvenate an old tree 2.

Tips to Improve Memory

So now that we understand what causes forgetfulness let's take a look at some ways to improve recall abilities.

Get enough sleep

Did you know? Scientists have found out skimping on sleep could cause brain cell overactivity leading moments of memory slips. That being said concentration for sustained periods become arduous task turns rapidly into problematic scenarios from little/no rest 3. So say goodbye burning the midnight oil and allow yourself proper full sleeptime.

Exercise often

Moderate exercise overtime not only aids in reducing age related declines (neuro genesis) but also keeps the mind sharp! The importance of strong neural connections means as u increase physical activity , so too does increased neuroplasticity which results positive change associated with neurons themselves allowing more efficient conductance electrical charges those need be sent throughout your body system [4],[5].

Eat a balanced diet

Eat healthy for both mind and body! Research demonstrates if eat right -Better retention capability & quicker ability recall small details becomes improved along w boosted vitality levels attributed consumption omega 3 fatty acid rich fish,eggs, nuts . Focus upon nutrient density within meals containing green leafy veggies,multiple forms colourful fruits because result variety essential ingredients needed daily allowances given organic nature limited absorption ability characteristic simplistic digestive tract.


Memory is an interesting subject worth discussing since everyone experiences it differently; however by following few simple tips listed in this article should yield noticeable betterment. Fortunately, most people suffering poor memory condition accomplished much due perseverance grit determination thereby achieving success at highest level.To end on a final note: Forgetting things occasionally normal human process.(hear ye hear ye} It happens us all.Additionally, forgetting about nonsensical things an entirely different ball game. Here’s to hoping jokes stand the test of time;)

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