27 Months Later: How Much Time Has Passed?

Are you still counting the days since your last haircut? It has been a while, hasn't it? But how long exactly? We all know that time flies, but when we are looking forward to something, it feels like ages. 27 months later, we might be wondering what happened in between. So let's take a trip down memory lane and explore!

27 Months Later: How Much Time Has Passed?

The Beginning

Just as there is always calm before the storm, there was an apparent tranquillity before COVID-19 hit us. Remember popping champagne bottles on New Year's Eve 2020 with joyous vibes of ringing in the new decade with no idea what was coming our way? Neither did we.

The Lockdowns

The first national lockdowns made everyone feel like caged animals turning their homes into offices and schools for survival mode out of sheer boredom. People began cleaning out their closets from top to bottom or baking banana bread every day because why not until reality struck people soon after realizing they missed human interaction more than anything else.

Zoom Parties

Enter Zoom--the virtual tool came in handy when group events became impossible due to social distancing rules imposed globally. Whether it was hosting wedding celebrations online or remote birthday parties; dressing up for waist-up camera shots have never felt so good (or awkward).

Quarantine Blues

Cabin fever isn't any fun without being able to visit someone outside your bubble—soon tempers flared amongst couples spending too much time together leading them towards patting each other down routine drama twice daily just incase something paranormal occurred overnight - this led plenty people thinking otherwise causing concern over safety measures remaining fairytale-esque which wasn't enough when stuck indoors indefinitely only hearing about outdoors via Instagram moments uploaded by more fortunate mates relishing fresh air freedom with large groups disregarding protocols altogether.


Fashion houses churned out luxurious facemasks, turning the mundane health transaction into an exclusive statement game. Mask chains and string straps decorated with pearls became jewelry essentials overnight as they had to balance comfort with style so that it could not induce overheating.

Importance of sanitization:

Lathering up hands became more important than ever before as soap usage rose drastically when people started noticing their lotion bottles running out at a fast pace

The Pandemic Peak & Vaccine Frenzy

The harsh reality dawned on us through daily news reports announcing increasing numbers of cases and deaths globally.

COVID-19: New Mutations Propagate Throughout Countries

We found ourselves powerless against the virus’s havoc and began getting accustomed to phrases like ‘flatten the curve’ or quarantine free travel impact during unprecedented times.

When vaccines were released rolling rounds for healthcare professionals first -people in all age groups finally heaved a sigh after waiting forever long enough to be vaccinated giving way to vaccination centers being booked solidly for months while keeping fingers crossed no signs shall become apparent immediately following administering shots making legs turn heavy leading individuals back home fearing side-effects hopefully temporally caused due these present circumstances worldwide!

Post-Vaccine Life

With vaccines being distributed worldwide within mere months since discovery – we are grateful enough today able resuming some semblance normalcy stepping from behind screens outside meeting friends online weekly bible study sessions returning crowded big box stores stores without worrying becoming asymptomatic carriers infecting elderly parents having persons lose their jobs permanently forcing expensive mortgages having highly stressful outcomes yet somehow affording bill compensations thus reentering society cautiously going ahead watching pandemic coverage listening headlines forecasting future potential global economic continued fallout unmissable different verdicts determining priorities hoping time allow exhuming safe travels quickly led temporary influx outward-bound tourism distancing still enforced-but done carefully earmarks persist till total elimination seems reach current endpoint unpredictably coming soon!

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