32: Incomparable Size Explained Easily!

Are you looking for a fun and informative article on the subject of 32? Look no further! We've got everything you could possibly want to know about this magical number, all wrapped up in one entertaining package.

32: Incomparable Size Explained Easily!

The Basics

Let's start with the basics. What exactly is 32 anyway? Well, it's an integer that falls squarely between 31 and 33. Pretty simple, right?

But don't let its simplicity fool you - there's more to this number than meets the eye. For starters, it's a multiple of both 2 and 16, which makes it infinitely cooler than any other number that isn't a multiple of both those numbers (27, we're looking at you).

Historical Significance

Like many great numbers throughout history (looking at you, 42), thirty-two has some serious historical significance behind it. In ancient Babylonian culture, for example, there were thought to be 32 paths of wisdom in their creation mythos which ultimately lead one closer to divinity as they offered how the universe began into question from human perception.

And in British law before decimalization was introduced in February 1971 thirty-two old pence made up one British pound sterling since Great Britain utilized units including metrically ineligible figures like pounds,schillings,and pukes,but classifying transitioned abruptly once decimals replaced these steps.

Scientific Relevance

Science nerds rejoice! There are plenty of scientific facts involving our favorite number too! Here are just a few:

  • The atomic weight of germanium (#Ge) is approximately 72.63.
  • It takes approximately 32 inches per second/per second (or meters/second squared) for an object to reach maximum velocity when dropped from space.
  • A genius chess master can calculate move possibilities forward by over two dozen turns at times thus struggling with 32 pieces on the board.

Pop Culture References

It's no secret that 32 has a special place in pop culture, just like every other number over 30 (okay maybe not all of them). Consider these noteworthy references:

  • The title character in the classic Terry Pratchett novel "Johnny and the Bomb" travels back in time to November 22nd, where thirty-two German bombers fly over his home town.

  • In the highly-rated television series Breaking Bad, lead character Walter White’s social security number ends with ‘032’. A coincidence? We think not.

So you can see, even great artists recognize how awe-inspiring a two-digit number can be.

Some More Fun Facts About 32

Just shoved some periodical facts into this section for your ease of access!

  • "Thirty-two teeth inside of my mouth / Feel like holy water when I wash the sins out” - Kendrick Lamar on Blow My High
  • There are usually generated integers between one and thirty-two possibilities required to play an online game
  • THIRTY-TWO is occasionally used interchangeably alongside EE & CC as a slang shorthand code word between foreign language groups


At long last we've reached our conclusion! And what have we learned today? That despite its unassuming appearance, 32 truly is an extraordinary number – whether it's being celebrated through artful expression or imbued with scientific relevance. So let's raise our glasses (filled with exactly 32 ounces of your drink of choice) to this fantastic integer!

And before you know it someone will ask: “Who do we appreciate?” well fellow readers it’s simple ,“THIRTY TWO!!”

Thanks for reading!

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