38 Weeks Pregnant and Need to Open My Cervix? Here’s How!

So, you've made it to the home stretch of pregnancy! Congratulations on growing another human inside your body for 38 weeks. Now that you're nearing the end, you might be feeling a little impatient and ready to get things moving along. If you're hoping to open your cervix and get this baby out sooner rather than later, fear not- there are some natural methods that may help kickstart labor. Just keep in mind that every pregnancy is different and what works for one person may not work for another.

38 Weeks Pregnant and Need to Open My Cervix? Here

What Does It Mean To "Open" Your Cervix?

Before we dive into ways to encourage cervical dilation, let's talk about what exactly it means when someone says they need to open their cervix. During childbirth, the uterus contracts rhythmically which puts pressure on the cervix (the opening at the bottom of the uterus). Over time these contractions cause the cervix to soften, thin out and eventually dilate (open) so that the baby can pass through during delivery.

In order for labor to begin naturally without any external inductions, several conditions must be present:

  1. The baby must have reached full term (at least 37 weeks gestation)
  2. Hormones from both mom and fetus signal when it is time
  3. The fetal head presses down onto mom’s pubic bone causing “lightening”
  4. Uterine contractions occur which are typically mild & painless until actual onset of Stage I Labor

However, sometimes these conditions aren't met or things just aren't progressing quickly enough as deemed by a doctor or midwife - then interventions such as medically induced labor or c-sections may be necessary.

Sex: Grab a Partner or Some Toys

It seems like sex comes up whenever people talk about trying to start labor naturally. That’s because there’s actually some logic behind the notion: semen contains prostaglandins which are thought to help ripen, or soften, your cervix. When a penis -or toy- is inserted into the vagina during sex it may also cause mild contractions in the uterus that encourage labor onset.

Note: If you’ve had complications throughout pregnancy or other health issues with mom and/or baby, check with your doctor before having sex as orgasm can cause uterine contractions.


Acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat various conditions including stimulating labor in pregnant women who are full term but not yet in labor- no scraping of metal here! The idea is that needling certain points on your body causes an energetic shift which unblocks pathways and allows energy (known as Qi) to flow smoothly. According to studies, acupuncture treatment by trained professionals might have benefits at least comparable to standard medical induction treatments such as Pitocin. However more research is needed so talk with care provider regarding safety concerns since needles still penetrate skin .

Nipple Stimulation & Breast Pumping

Developed from ancient methods used under a trained Doula's supervision, breast stimulation involves using fingers or varying degrees of suction via nipple stimulation or usage of electric pumps. This technique releases oxytocin hormone through milk production glands. Historically when moms get this surge accompanied by uterine/slight abdominal cramping….well it works!

Side effect may include leaking breasts & lactation prior birth admission!

If fear of triggering an allergy attack due taking orally led someone cautious; put those thoughts aside—no food ingestion required!

Tip: Avoid using methods other than neutral saline solution if nipples are already sensitive/painful/sore either from natural realities because nursing …brutalize them enough without added bombardment!

Spicy Foods

Some people swear up and down eating spicy foods put them into labor. It is said that the capsaicin (hot stuff) found in hot peppers irritation may bring on mild contractions by stimulating the digestive system, thus agitating your uterus. There’s no harm in trying as long as it doesn’t cause GI distress.

Physical Activity

Aside from sex or nipple stimulation to encourage labor, air squats and lunges are amazing exercises which one can do at home with zero equipment! Otherwise short walks- not have to be experienced like a race-welcome aboard hips swaying enthusiast for safety keep hydrating!

As long as you’re feeling up to it getting some brisk exercise/walking allows the baby’s head descent quicker into pelvis allowing gravity & pressure assist ripening AND relaxing of cervix

(Important note; It's important that all pregnant women get regular exercise within limits set forth by doctors).

Castor Oil – A Foul Drink

Castor oil is an old remedy utilized often prior medical induction widely touted for its effectiveness over 70 years ago.. The idea behind using castor oil laxative containing ricinoleic acid is twofold —it stimulates bowels leading dehydration due diarrhea leads dehydration– but also creates uterine contractions observed hour after ingestion according historic know-how. This method isn't recommended without consulting care provider … because you really don’t want diarrhea during birth & this route shouldn't be attempted before full term gestational age~ always follow physician guidance!

It’s natural to become impatient during pregnancy especially once we hit milestones such as 38 weeks. Even though it might feel like there's nothing happening down there, chances are things are actually progressing exactly how they should be behind closed doors if it wasn’t something detected earlier via ultrasounds & measurement techniques . You may just need a little more time and patience what needs come about eventually will present itself naturally…so put those feet up take rest every once in a while and good luck to you!

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