38 Weeks Pregnant:Counting Down the Days!

38 Weeks Pregnant:Counting Down the Days!

Welcome to the ultimate guide for all would-be-moms who are eagerly waiting for their little bundles of joy while they navigate through the 38th week of pregnancy. This isn't your typical boring medical jargon, but a funny interpretation that will get you excited and ready to take on this final stretch with humor and grit.

The countdown begins!

As you prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically for labor pains and sleepless nights ahead, it’s time to focus on what needs to be done in these last few days before your little one makes an appearance.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Fear not! Here's what should be in your hospital bag:

  • Comfortable dresses or loose clothes
  • Underwear that reaches up over your belly button (trust us; this is a game-changer after delivery)
  • Nursing bras & breastfeeding supplies (if required)
  • A pair or two of nonslip socks
  • Toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner toothbrush etc. Even if everything goes accordingto plan and you end up having a smooth delivery along with baby immediately snuggled close skin-to-skin on your chest(or partner’s),you might still want those things nearby so that staff can mitigate any unexpected surprises with care.

Call On Support System

It takes a village indeed. Family members can feel superfluous during pregnancy months. It means now is the perfect moment to “hire” grandparents i.e., anyone able-bodied family member eager enough(as long as healthy/hygienically safe) happily awaiting word about when they can come help cook dinner(a fresh delicious meal!) ,watch other kids(so mom gets alone-time relaxing!), run errands(paying bills feels so cumbersome now)and just generally lend an ear(who else hate hormonal rollercoaster?)as you experience each day getting closer to the end—and not just for nine months but entire motherhood journey.

Ensure Proper Hydration

During final days of pregnancy, usually feet and legs swell up so start drinking plenty of water alongside small sips consistently throughout day especially if you plan on nursing (hydration supports milk production.) Keep coconut water handy from your grocery store too which is an even better source of hydration + vitamins for a pregnant lady!

What To Expect During Week 38 Of Pregnancy?

Congratulations! You made it this far in what has probably felt like the longest 9-10 months. By week 38, here’s what should be happening:

Baby Size

Your little one will have grown heavier and stronger by now, weighing close to7 pounds, length over21 inches long(head-to-heels!)

Bodily Changes

If every time someone sees you they feel surprised at how low your baby bump hangs more lately well , congratulations again because that means baby dropped down into position for their grand entrance. It's also important to note some other changes: Mucus plug dislodging indicates labor might happen any moment. Continuous cramps with back pain may indicate contractions.(Do call OB Gyn doctor or Clinic!) Braxton-Hicks contractions may become more frequent.

The Big “Dirty-Talk!”

Setting aside embarrassment/shy nature out-of-mind,before delivery doctors need cervical examination/anoscopy(i.e., detect piles/hemorrhoids by visually & physically examining anus opening)so agreeably dirty talk happens!(Don't forget about urine culture tests)

Just remember ladies still bathing habits/minor grooming mustn't stop seeing as self-confidence boost can be major emotional benefit during those initial post-baby weeks when reactions all over the place from strength-diminishing childbirth experience).

Things You Can Do In Final Weeks Before Your Due Date?

Now that most essentials have been ticked off the pregnancy checklist, take it slow:

Get Foot Massages

If you're feeling uncomfortable or struggling to walk at this stage of your pregnancy book pedicure appointments(make sure beautician with medical cosmetology certification), opt for foot massages, and have someone massage your feet or help elevate them after an arduous day as swollen feet hurt! (repeated statement, but really important).

Are Baby Essentials In Order?

Before baby's arrival check items ordered from Amazon/grocery/pharmacies etc.are in order than if suddenly happens a pre-term birth.Forgetfullnes is very common during those last weeks so make sure that you would not be wasting time figuring out “have I packed everything necessary?”

Check Upon Nursery Arrangements

In case the nursery room has been set-up already(it should unless home renovation prevented is) remove any sharp objects(easy tripping hazards) while assuring high safety measures(yet fashionable decor!)made available right near crib including darkening/insulating curtains.(If nanny/baby nurse hired); makes their jobs relatively easier.

The Final Countdown Begins!

Let's face it — nobody enjoys being pregnant forever. Count down these final days by doing things that fill your soul and make you happy!

Savor delicious food

Can't wait to dine/binge eat all night unperturbed? Top-notch seafood restaurants probably on speed dial,isn’t it?But don't balloon up too much - post-delivery lifestyle changes will happen significantly so keep eating healthy balanced meals(low sugar+empty calories-dense).Saying "see ya later" to some junk food temporarily & cooking/orderinghealthy dishes:so enjoy pre-baby favorite eats because soon enough its small portions every 2 hours remembering weight loss + diet chart..

Indulge in Pampering Sessions:

Pamper yourself with relaxing activities like prenatal massages, facials(most welcome considering acne + facial hair might be a by-product of pregnancy), and yoga classes (take prenatal authorized studio classes!) etc......

Take Lots of Pictures

Apart from obligatory newborn dump for social media soon after child birth,capture the last pre-baby moments on film/ memory cards!These will help to preserve precious memories that you can look back on years later.

Get Packing

The bags are packed with all necessary essentials. Make sure you add pillows since Hospital ones are not really comfortable.Don’t forget - oversized bags at entry simply creating chaos while exiting hospital.Room necessities cannot accommodate excess(or oversized)luggage so pack smart!

Final Thoughts

As we near the end of this journey together; it’s essential to remember that pregnancy looks different for everyone.No matter whether yours flew by or seemed never-ending,your little one's arrival is imminent.The good thing about those final weeks is they grant opportunities make great memories like “pre-birth” photoshoots with your significant other/taking maternmity leave. Take away sore body paired with joyful anticipation: These 38 Weeks have thus far been an exciting adventure so enjoy them before diving into parenthood head first.There's no going back now.Explore what makes you expand spiritually and continue preparing yourself(other than practical practices).Soon enough,a baby who has been waiting patiently long months will finally come forth as fresh start in every way possible! Cheers to new beginnings...mom life here we come!(high-fives)new-mom-to-be ready?

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