4 Tips: Get Your 4 Year Old Listening

As a parent of a four-year-old, getting them to listen can be like trying to herd cats. It's a challenge that every parent has faced at one point or another. But fear not, as there are ways to get your little one's attention without losing your mind in the process!

4 Tips: Get Your 4 Year Old Listening

Understanding the Developmental Stage of Four-Year-Olds

Before we delve into how to get your four-year-old listening, it's imperative that you understand their developmental stage.

Four-year-olds have an avid curiosity about the world around them and love asking questions. Their problem-solving skills are also rapidly improving with their ability to think logically developing.

However, they still struggle with impulse control and patience. They may have difficulty focusing for more extended periods and often become restless.

With this understanding presented let’s move on from here!

Make Eye Contact

You cannot expect someone to listen if they're not looking at you (or simply ignoring!) so make sure your child is making eye contact when you're speaking. Sit down with your kiddo and physically engage him/her by holding his/her hands or putting an arm around him/her while talking.

It might feel awkward at first, but it sends non-verbal cues that what you're saying deserves their attention and focus.

Create A Distraction-free Zone

It’s all too easy for kids (or adults) to drift off particularly in this digital age that surrounds us daily; social media notifications popping up everywhere & TV shows that just cannot wait - which means no television (a tough-o-one, I know!) phones or tablets during conversation time.

Create designated times where its family reading/books/songs/playtime will happen instead of screens activities whenever possible. An engagement free zone allowing meaningful conversations without interruptions thus retaining focus & concentration respectively between parties concerned.

Get Creative

With such imaginative minds & enquiring through observational intellect asking questions can never get old, it's imperative to keep this continuing. Engage their brains by getting creative; Rather than simply telling them what you expect from them as that could quickly become mundane, make learning fun!

Role Play

Often goes a long way when trying to instill rules in your child’s life. Have the child play the role of parent and vice versa - now he/she is issuing commands – teaching him/her upholding authority respectfully.

Brain Teasers

A common activity which involves undivided attention during solving! This increases their focus time while making sure they're mentally-engaged.

Pick Your Battles

Not everything has to turn into a battle worth running around screaming for half an hour (who wants that stress anyways ?!) Decide on things both of you agree are paramount have a discussion with your four-year-old about why listening is important sometimes set out consequences should directions not be followed respecting each other's opinions build mutual understanding and can benefit creating clarity generally over longer periods.


Getting your four-year-old to listen is no easy feat, but remember patience works wonders ! Connect with them during conversation taking down available distractions as well as using creativity and setting specific boundaries all contribute positively. With these tips in mind, feel confident moving forward every day knowing there ‏will inevitably always be battles brewing know (and memorise ????????✨ ) pick them wisely.. stay calm.... and ultimately don’t forget laughter makes everything just that much easier!

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