5 Easy Signs to Confirm Pregnancy at Home

Are you planning on becoming a mother or are you already suspicious of that freshly baked bun growing in your oven? Congratulations, mama! It’s time to put those detective skills into use and look out for some easy signs that confirm pregnancy at home. No need to start pacing up and down the pharmacy aisles aimlessly; just lay low and take note of the following five telltale signs of pregnancy.

5 Easy Signs to Confirm Pregnancy at Home

Significant Bra Changes

Ladies, if there's one thing almost all women unanimously swoon over, it's bra shopping (yes, even more than chocolate). However when you're pregnant this might not hold true anymore as many women experience significant changes in their breast size while bumps come along. So if your mammary glands decide they want to be extra cozy lately with bras that show more love than usual (which sounds awesome but trust me its no fun) - this could very well be an indicator that another little being is blossoming inside you.

Fatigue like Never Before

Have you been feeling tired enough to sleep standing up? Or perhaps having trouble focusing during work or other daily activities? Don't worry, it doesn't necessarily mean a lack of coffee intake – although we highly recommend staying within guidelines set by health professionals-. A lot of pregnant mothers feel like they’re lacking energy during these times. If fatigue washes over you faster than Dettol washed off Covid-19 news last year, better reach out for those pillows because chances are high there may be tiny toes tapping somewhere underneath.

Indigestion That Refuses To Die Down

Moms-to-be often complain about indigestion troubles early on in their journey. Hormonal upheavals claim responsibility here as higher levels of progesterone cause smoother muscles so things can get backed up which leaves mommies starving for relief . Experiencing bloating after meals or noisy belly grumbles? Take note! This could mean there’s more than just an extra large order of onion rings sitting in your stomach.

Nausea That Strikes Like Lightning

One of the earliest warning signs to confirm pregnancy is vomiting, nausea, and a lack of the desire for food. Although Pregnancy movies may show it as a funny trope playing on couple's expectation from weeks before taking action; many women who have been through morning sickness will tell you that the experience was nothing but hilarious. A lot like lightning, this symptom can strike when you least expect and often times, leaves mommies-to-be feeling severely queasy all day long (absolutely no exaggeration intended).

Late Periods Can’t be Ignored

Saving the most ubiquitous sign for last...if your periods are always on time and heaven forbid, ‘early’, they may sound an alarm bell if delayed even by just one day (or well by two-three days at max). Given how different every woman’s menstrual cycle is /with some experiencing cycles even longer than 28 days/, this alone isn't always considered concrete proof but given other symptoms such as exhaustion/ fatigue building up with each hour/ indigestion or changes in bra size et cetera – do make sure to pay heed to your periods so your next purchase is anything but tampons…because let’s be honest - no mother really wants those around.

It would be remiss not to mention testing if these signs become increasingly persistent. As mentioned earlier after noticing any individual sign which seems indicative enough- Its finally time for that trip down the drugstore aisles because why shouldn't we celebrate progress made with fresh new mom-to-be badges? There are several kits available over-the-counter which claim detection based upon hormone presence within pregnant mothers' urine sample(s)(Don’t worry peeing on the sticks isn't complicated at all, you wont need a Phd for carrying out these tests but who knows it could probably help in impressing your friends). However, A good bet still is to opt for medical professionals consultation to double verify any presumptions and/ or take necessary steps accordingly.

Motherhood is never an easy journey (cue many hugs sent across all reading this). The uncomfortable symptoms which tag along during pregnancy can test even the strongest of individuals. Depending on individual comfort levels and preferences; /continue to utilise DIY tests taking care otherwise guarantee that professional assistance must be sought following any obvious signs experienced/. Regardless of how hesitant we may feel initially though, as mommy-to-be’s we've got our lil beans growing inside us <3. So let's shake off those Covid blues and pamper ourselves silly because there may not be much certainty with most everything else around us lately - but knowing become moms , always will be!

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