Apple-y Ever After: Is Applesauce Good for Diarrhea in Babies?

Ah, diaper duty - a parent's favorite task. And nothing makes it more exciting than dealing with diarrhea. Fortunately, there are natural remedies out there that can help alleviate your baby's discomfort and maybe even put an end to the never-ending stream of diapers. One such remedy is applesauce.

Apple-y Ever After: Is Applesauce Good for Diarrhea in Babies?

But wait a minute! Is applesauce really good for diarrhea? Or is this just another old wives' tale passed down from generation to generation like the belief that babies come from storks?

In this article, we'll explore whether or not applesauce is truly effective against diarrhea in babies, how it works its magic (if indeed it does), and what other options you have available if you prefer not to use those tiny glass jars.

What causes diarrhea in babies?

Before we dive into whether or not applesauce can help your little one's tummy troubles, let's first discuss what actually causes them.

Babies are prone to all kinds of gastrointestinal issues because their digestive systems haven't fully developed yet. Their guts are still adjusting to all kinds of new foods they're being introduced to as part of their diets. This means they're vulnerable to things like food sensitivities, infections (particularly viral ones) and antibiotics disrupting the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria present in the gut.

As anyone who has had experience changing nappies knows firsthand; symptoms of diarrhea include runny poop (aren't I eloquent), dehydration which could lead also lead temperature rise among others.

Now onto our main question- Does apple sauce help deal with these symptoms?

The magical powers of applesauce

To answer this question bluntly - yes! Parents have long turned towards using fruits as relief for upset stomach..

Apples contain something called pectin fiber which helps bind together loose stool making bowel movement firmer again reducing chances that it might cause leaky diaper blow-outs, and who wants that! In addition to the fiber present, apple sauce also contains plenty of natural sugars which can help provide a much needed energy for your baby.

Alternatives to applesauce

Perhaps you're not a fan of this option or maybe allergic, there are other things that could just do the trick.

Some options include:

  • Bananas
  • Rice cereals
  • Ginger Tea
  • Probiotics (Yes folks human babies can consume these too!!! Who knew!!)

Many parents swear by these items as effective relief against their baby's diarrhea.

A word on portion control...

While it may be tempting to keep feeding your little one with applesauce all day long during the time period where he/she is experiencing diarrhea symptoms ( we get it; after all happy stomach equals happy world!), please avoid going overboard with servings. Consuming too much of anything in excess has potential downsides -hypothetically speaking; Sugar rush among others mentioned above (refer section: What causes diarrhea in babies) so moderation is key!

To sum up shortly....

When your bubs' tummy is hurting perhaps trying some apple puree containing pectin fiber appears worth considering - this will aid in ensuring that those runny poos reduce and firm up within no time! However, like everything else could always give different remedies a shot referring list above under alternatives.... Lastly don't forget darlings balance oughta' maintained when serving any food item.(Okay can call us pretentious now)

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