Are You Happy? How to Know for Sure.

Are you happy? If you're not sure, don't worry. Happiness is a tricky emotion to measure because it means something different to everyone. However, if you find yourself constantly questioning your happiness or feeling down in the dumps, it's time to take a closer look at what might be going on.

Are You Happy? How to Know for Sure.

In this article, we'll explore how to know for sure if you're truly happy and offer some tips on how to boost your mood if you're not.

What is Happiness Anyway?

Happiness can be defined as an overall sense of well-being and contentment with life. It's important to note that happiness doesn't necessarily mean being giddy or cheerful all the time - it's more about feeling satisfied and fulfilled with where you are in life.

But let's face it: true happiness isn't always easy to achieve. Life can throw us curveballs that make us feel stressed out or overwhelmed. Sometimes, we get bogged down by daily tasks and responsibilities that leave little room for joy.

So how do we determine our level of happiness? Let's take a look at some common indicators:

1) Mood

One obvious sign of happiness is an overall positive mood. Do you generally feel upbeat and optimistic about life, even when things aren't going perfectly? Or do negative emotions like anger or sadness tend to dominate your thoughts?

2) Satisfaction

Another indicator of happiness is satisfaction with one's life situation. Do you feel content with where you are in terms of career/education, relationships/friendships, hobbies/passions etc.? Alternatively you keep thinking: "is this really all there is?"

3) Meaning & Purpose

A sense of meaning and purpose also contribute heavily towards long-term fulfillment/happiness levels- does your daily routine give your soul butterflies ? Is everything just blahhh.or do mundane or regular parts of daily life have a deep significance behind it all.

4) Connection & Relationship

Connection and personal relationships also are very important for happiness. More so than actual money. Are you surrounded by people who love and support you? Do you feel like your social life is nourishing your soul?

So, How Can You Tell if You're Happy?

Based on the indicators listed above, there are some simple ways to gauge your level of happiness:

  • Keep a mood journal: Journaling how every day ends helps to keep track of whether we were really happy in that day or not .It highlights patterns emerging but also pens down random weird contradictions which need introspection.

  • Assess yourself against each indicator - use an app or old school pen paper journaling

From here, make note where improvements could be made for added satisfaction/happiness levels.

National Geographic's Blue Zones Project found [1] what factors contribute most towards overall well-being: family, nutrition, nature/scenery/living environment, social connections finances/career flexibility/time balance

Tips For Boosting Happiness Levels

If after assessing yourself and conducting thorough analysis over time with consistent mood tracking exercise (journal/whatever suits) one has come across as feeling unhappy more often than not despite effort focussed efforts.. then these tips may help (not guaranteed though!):

1) Practice Gratitude

Gratitude means taking moment to appreciate the good happening currently in our lives even if things aren’t perfect .This shifting gears drastically uplifts someone’s overall disposition allowing sense of calmness instead anxiety/stress .

Some intentional habits can include including gratitude while journaling especially at times specially tough ,creating little post it notes around house with uplifting messages from loved ones/professionals regarding traits they admire about us.

### 2) Get Moving

Living a sedentary lifestyle negatively impacts your mind and body. Exercise helps to release feel-good hormones like endorphins that boosts mood .[2]

3) Spend Time with Loved Ones

Social connections have a profound impact on our overall well-being. Neglecting your loved ones is almost never an option ..prioritize spending quality time with them whether it be chatting over phone or in person.

### 4) Try Something New

Life may start looking dull when there aren’t new experiences thrusting us out of comfort zone.Being adventurous and trying something new, even if just once in awhile not only uplifts our spirit by providing novelty but also can bolster confidence as one has accomplished/overcome something they believed couldn’t do before.

This could range from taking a yoga class , to joining group activity/hobby..maybe jump outside your preference bubble and watch football match at nearby pub!

5) Seek Professional Help

If unhappiness persists for prolonged periods causing excessive stress etc., seeking professional help is recommended.Accessing mental health resources such as counselling or seeing medical practitioners dealing with depressed/sadness symptoms.


There are many indications of happiness including positive mood, satisfaction, meaning/purpose,having healthy relationships and connections. However happiness manifests differently for everyone so assigning labels must be avoided . Assessing oneself against these factors overtime helps detect trends helping figure ways towards a better fulfilling existence.

So go forth! Explore- experiment-take risks … Laugh often…don’t take life too seriously-yield surprises awaiting at every turn!

Stay goofy folks [:)][;)]


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