Augustus: Uncovering the Meaning Behind The Name

If you're like most people, then you might not have given much thought to the origins of your name. It's just something that your parents chose for you, right? But have you ever stopped to think about why they chose that particular name over any others? Well, today we're going to take a closer look at one particular name: Augustus.

Augustus: Uncovering the Meaning Behind The Name

What Does Augustus Actually Mean?

Let's start with the basics. What does "Augustus" mean anyway? Well, it actually has several different meanings depending on who you ask. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Revered
  • Majestic
  • Venerable
  • Great (or Grand)
  • Noble

As with many things in language and history, there isn't necessarily a single "correct" meaning for a word or name. Instead, meanings tend to evolve over time and through different cultures.

However! For this article we are claiming that "Augustus is the Latin word which means majestic." So let's stick with that definition moving forward.

A Brief History of Augustus Caesar

When most people hear the word "Augustus," their first thought is probably of Julius Caesar's successor and Rome's first emperor. But how did he come by his famous moniker?

To answer that question, we need to go back even further in Roman history. In ancient Rome, certain months were named after important figures or events - for instance March was named after Mars - but there was no month specifically dedicated to celebrating Emperor Julius Caesar until after his assassination in 44 BCE when July became known as 'Julius' month'.

After Julius' death however Octavian (Julius' son) began consolidating power within Rome including passing laws granting himself greater authority than anyone else under him.

This transition earned Octavian respect from his peers which prompted them changing his Greek nickname 'Octavianus' into the Latin word 'Augustus', proclaiming he had restored their beloved Republic. So August began to be celebrated as his own personal month and why we call that fine month of summer "August".

Who Else Has Been Named Augustus?

While the name is most famously associated with Rome, it has actually been used throughout history by many cultures and societies. Here are just a few examples:

  • King George III of England gave his son (and future King) the middle name Augustus to express hope for strength in political initiatives.
  • A number of popes have taken on the name Pope Sixtus IV was born Francesco della Rovere but took on his papal name because he believed its meaning embodied traditions Vatican held dear.

    Pope Sixtus IV 's reasoning behind this choice might seem funny now - given how corrupt members within The Vatican can become -  however at that time giving oneself up completely 
    devotionally/ideologically toward spiritual purity wasn't uncommon... Until you inherit control over masses who will pay an arm & leg for those same values!
  • There's even a town called Augusta, Maine! Its founders chose the name in honor of Princess Augusta - Sophia Charlotte of Hanover during colonial times

Although "August" has definitely fallen out of favour since it entered vogue during Roman Empire around CE14; there’s still some namesakes all over society who're proud owners these days.

Some Famous People Named August/Augustine

Speaking generally there does tend to be more people named Augustine than simply August however some share last syllabel so perhaps they still count!

Here are fourteen famous individuals with variations on this great moniker:

Name Occupation
--St. Augustine Doctor/Spiritual Leader
--Leo Tolstoy Novelist/Philosopher
--August Macke Painter
--Frederick Augustus I Elector of Saxony & King Poland
--August Ames Actress

As you can see, the name has been popular across many different fields and cultures throughout history. It's a testament to its versatility and significance that it has endured for thousands of years.

Your Own Name

If your parents named you Augustus (or any variation thereof), then congratulations! You have one heck of a cool name. But what if they didn't? Should you regret not having such an awesome moniker?

Well first there's nothing stopping someone changing their name legally though tempting with Roman Emperor namesake - just remember this quote:

"A rose by another other name is still a rose..." 🙂

Every name can be made unique, amazing or memorable with time; even people heavily associated w/ uniquely dreadful/hilarious 'unfortunate' names themselves have achieved unimaginable success due to originality/name recognition. After all no pre-requisites exist but personal preference when choosing nomenclature.


So there you have it: a brief exploration into the origins and meanings behind the august title/rank in question today!

Whether you're already an August-Augustine-Auggie-owner, thinking about naming child or simply curious nerd (like myself) digging into linguistical foibles... remembering that roots/history behind our legacies will serve as armor during those tough social networking moments where we find ourselves at loss among plain-Janes & Joes!!

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