B6: Your Nausea’s New Best Friend – How it Helps

If you have ever found yourself feeling nauseous, then you know just how miserable it can be. The queasy feeling in your stomach, the inability to keep food down, and the constant urge to vomit can make even the toughest person feel weak. Luckily, there is a new best friend for anyone who suffers from nausea- B6!

B6: Your Nausea

In this article, we will explore everything that makes vitamin B6 so effective at combating nausea. We'll discuss what exactly causes nausea in the first place, how B6 combats those factors to reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

First things first – understanding why we get nauseous

Nausea can be caused by a variety of factors including motion sickness or sea-sickness, morning sickness during pregnancy, certain medications like chemotherapy treatments ,Gastrointestinal disorders such as acid reflux or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)and many more. However most frequently experienced cases are due to digestive related issues

When our bodies experience any of these triggers on our vagus nerve which travels from our head through diaphragm to abdomen gets stimulated resulting in off loading excessive acid build up In some people adrenaline levels increase causing spasms and cramps all over GI tract causing spastic reflex force which leads to distress. It's an evolutionary response & protective mechanism by body when it needs to remove irritants out.

A closer look into Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient required for numerous functions throughout the body like immune system function . When taken regularly in higher doses too much b long run may led toxicity but manifestation has not been seen commonly as its secreted out via urine ; however one specific function where high-dose Vitamin B6 plays its role exceptionally well is anti-nausea effect with combination dosage studies cited 10mg daily helping majorly address breast associated nausea  or morning sickness related issues

As per studies in psychological disorders like depression and anxiety B6 levels drop drastically hence supplementation helps elevate level which ultimately keeps a good balance. It acts as an important cofactor for various important neurotransmitters within the CNS. Studies also suggest that symptoms of PMS including Premenstrual Depression can be managed using Vitamin B6 therapy.

How does Vitamin B6 reduce Nausea?

While it's not fully understood why vitamin b6 is effective at reducing nausea, Scientists believe it has to do with how this nutrient interacts with our gastrointestinal tract/ digestive system making things comfortable like relaxation on vagus nerve properties inducing anti inflammatory response . When your body experiences nausea resulting from causes discussed earlier main trigger points include excessive acid production from meals especially proteins(called emesis response) causing antiperistalsis(body pushing food back up compared to pushing it down when consummated till colon)= These condition’s lead towards oxidative stress & inflammation affecting stomach lining.

B-6 stimulates all GI muscles to relax and allows normal rhythmic motion and blood flow. This subsequently reduces inflammation throughout the gut helping calm down any irritation by inhibiting histamine release via higher dose taken, thus decreasing spasms or cramps that often contribute to nausea, bloating etc during these times

Vitamin B-6 functions also plays key role in dopamine synthesis naturally enhanced ecstatic neuropeptide some people boost mood relieve tension headache Hence getting rid off frustration allowing them concentrate better without cognitive limitation due stimuli coming through sensory input .

Who should take supplementations of Vitamin B-6?

Just about anyone struggling with chronic gastric complaints – Overeating , Eating too quickly gulping air along fits easily & contains lots artificial colours/preservatives added/or processed foods can trigger allergies causing sudden bouts lethargy rushes heaviness sluggishness indigestion., general digestive issues; menstrual complaints (PMS, Menstrual depression etc) should look into getting on an appropriate amount Vitamin B-6 supplements. However it is always advisable to speak to a health practitioner before consuming doses higher over 10mg daily or long term consumption.

Recommended Dosage Of Vitamin B-6

In general, the recommended dose for vitamin b6 depends on age and gender of the individual in question. While some guidelines recommend up-to above levels - ranging from 1.3 mg per day to as much as 100 milligrams daily (as high-dose), one specific study measured effectiveness at only about half of that amount – namely approximately ~50mg/daily which showed drastic beneficial effects so ideal amounts can vary depending upon key symptoms , issues facing people individually Looking at physiological needs many times demands on it increases hence variation also varies higher during special circumstances where additional benefits can be availed such as nausea relief . Large doses upwards & overmay have toxicity manifestation however this not particularly via natural food-based sources such as cooking vegetables like potato /chickpea lentil bean sprouts spinach chard Brussels/cauliflower being excellent sources.

Benefits associated with taking B-6 beyond just aiding Nausea

As mentioned previously, there are numerous other benefits associated with taking vitamin b6 supplements regularly besides helping reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting– including improving immune system healthy functioning , hormone regulation particularly related menstrual disorders like reducing duration cramps severity Premenstrual depression/cravings, improved brain functioning mood states improve tactile stimulation related cognitive processing somatosensory perception -- And let's not forget how essential energy production vitally imp working out fitness enthusiasts..

So we see while supplementation sometimes seems unnatural when we think about our history ancestors who were used surviving in wild flourishing nature regimens seem unlikely gotten all nutrients required build optimal wellness without even needing supplementary points since majority through sustenance!


Overall if you're someone who experiences nausea regularly or struggles with digestive issues, taking Vitamin B6 supplements can be a great option. It's an essential nutrient that impacts various aspects of health from immune system function to reducing PMS symptoms like cramping and depression . The best part is, aside from nausea relief it’s not hard to obtain – available in both supplement form as well natural food-based sources such as cooking vegetables like potato /chickpea lentil bean sprouts spinach chard Brussels/cauliflower being excellent sources. As always its advisable to discuss any dietary changes or supplementation needs with your doctor beforehand.

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