Baby on Board: Southwest’s Infant Policy Explained

Ah, the joys of air travel these days. Long security lines, cramped seats, and crying babies. Wait… did we say JOYS? Scratch that last part. Traveling with a baby can be challenging enough without worrying about airline policies and procedures.

Baby on Board: Southwest

If you're planning to fly with your little bundle of joy on Southwest Airlines, look no further than this article for all the information you need to know about their infant policy.

Can You Bring Your Baby on Board?

Short answer: yes! BUT (dun dun dun) it's important to understand the rules and restrictions surrounding flying with an infant before you arrive at the gate.

Firstly, any child under two years old can sit on an adult passenger's lap during a flight for a discounted fare of $0- or purchase their seat at full price if preferred. However, please note that only one lap-held infant is permitted per adult ticketed passenger /so/ make sure to factor in extra luggage costs if bringing along additional supplies like strollers or carriers!

Secondly, if your child has reached his/her second birthday by the date of return travel (or end destination), s/he will be required to occupy his/her own purchased seat (at full-adult fare). Yikes! Better start saving now.

Lastly (yes there's more) international travel may require additional documentation beyond what domestic flights call for so check twice beforehand.

And big surprise here, regardless of age , every traveler aboard must have ID handy including infants so don't forget Fido’s drivers license; he needs some form of identification just as much as anyone else when flying - jk but remember passports are okay too!

Rules and Restrictions

Unfortunately folks even Gemini cannot get around ‘the man’, aka Federal Aviation Administration safety regulations which dictate certain traveling conditions when accompanying infants aboard airplane(!).

Southwest airlines imposes the following policies when traveling with an infant on their flights:

  • No lap-held infants are allowed in exit rows, no ifs ands or butts. The same is true for those seated in any otherwise designated “unsafe” row.

  • southwest does not offer bassinets nor booster seats

Moreover parents can bring along reasonable supply of diapers formula food to keep baby healthy cool , calm and collected—just make sure they comply with TSA restrictions before choosing which bags to pack them in!

Can You Bring a Stroller?

Well yes of course you can! Who doesn't like dragging around heavy pieces of equipment across large airports? Actually… try not to think about it.

Southwest allows passengers traveling with infants to check strollers at the gate free-of-charge (same for car seats). /So/ either ask customer service how early prior boarding one should arrive at airport as each airline policy vary by airline but usually its from 30 min up until an hour./ Many people find it easiest to travel with a lightweight umbrella stroller that folds easily and somewhat compactly. Just be prepared - this doesn’t mean security won’t poke through all of your snacks while confiscating half.

Making Reservations with Your Infant

As if making flight reservations wasn't stressful enough, navigating air travel logistics with babies adds another layer(s) of complexity :/.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly (or as smooth as possible), here’s what you need to know:

Adding Your Lap-Held Infant While Booking

When booking online, select "1 Adult" instead adding anyone under fourteen/sixteen years old; then add the lap-held infant's name on same page where traveler contact information entails.

Requesting a Bassinet Row (yes these exist)

If you'd prefer more legroom for holding your little one during the flight without purchasing another adult seat, Southwest offers some bassinet seats (depending on aircraft) that can accommodate you! /BUT/ to snag one of these coveted spots, contact the Southwest customer service line directly after securing your reservation, and ask for seat assignment in or near a bassinet row.

/British accent/ And remember folks: please mind the retractable armrests.

Purchasing an Individual Seat for Your Infant

Suppose neither holding baby on lap nor using up baggage allowance is what you envision… many people prefer purchasing another (discounted but ultimately overpriced depending on the route) ticket , so infant is accommodated with own Safe-Side seat (and off adult's lap).

Once again (yes again) while booking online only purchase one Adult fare-ticket before letting homey know that little fella needs reservation; then speak to representatives further assist where relevant.


Whether it’s your first time flying with a baby or not, traveling by air can be stressful enough without complicating things even more by misunderstanding airline regulations. Hopefully this guide has helped make sense of some of Southwest Airline's policies surrounding infants aboard their flights . Remember—the less surprises we encounter during flight travel journey means less surprise tantrums from both parties at the end!

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