‘Baby Weight Gain: Weekly Growth Guide’

Hello there, fellow parents! Are you worried about your little bambino's weight gain? Well, worry no more because this guide will give you a week-by-week breakdown of what to expect in terms of their ever-increasing chunkiness.

Before diving into the juicy details, we'd like to clarify that every baby is different. Therefore, take these guidelines with a grain of salt (or maybe just a pinch since we don't want to cause hypertension).

Week 1-2: Teaser

You might be wondering why any amount of weight gain is happening during the first few weeks when all they do is eat and sleep. But trust us; it’s an essential time for building up some body fat reserves.

Babies tend to lose about 5-10% of their birth weight during the first days after delivery as they eliminate excess fluids from their bodies. But by the end...wait for it…of the second week or so, most babies begin gaining back an average of half an ounce per day!

Week 3-4: The Half Pound Club

Are you starting to run outta holes on those adorable onesies yet? By now, your munchkin should have joined the exclusive club called: "The Half-Pounders." They’re expected to gain around three and a half ounces (0.22 lbs) each day until week four comes along.

In case they're not hitting those digits yet - don’t stress too much! Some factors can influence how quickly (or not) your baby gains weight – such as genetics & supply/demand feeding issues~~{parenthesis}~~where milk production starts falling short for satisfying good feedings duration-wise).

Week 5-8: Time To Bulk Up

It's time for some serious chubbing up!! This period marks substantial growth so get ready to make some wardrobe changes on a weekly basis!

The average baby will have almost doubled in weight since birth, with an expectation of adding two to four ounces daily. If you’re breastfeeding, at this point your baby's intake should increase to about 25-30 oz per day.

Week 9-12: Little Cheeks Plumping Up

As if the chubbiness wasn't enough already! Their little cheeks may start plumping up like adorable doughnuts ready for consumption and they may be sleeping less as their brains begin maturing rapidly.

At week twelve, it'll be time to pat yourselves...on the back that is,for getting through these significant milestones! They've officially tripled their birth weight, and now its okay if they go from consuming 25-30 oz/day down to around 19 -24 oz/day (breastfeeding) or grab hold of around five-six wet diapers each day instead.

Just remember; various factors contribute to the rate/state of growth, so don’t panic too much even if things are moving downward slightly – unless there’s a drastic fall-off. Then call your healthcare provider ASAP!

Month Four-Five: Side Note

We know we mentioned the ending stages of decreased feedings & diaper uptakes earlier; however, these measurements apply predominantly toward breastfed infants who are growing healthily without any complications that require other forms~~{parenthesis}~~of nutritionals supplementation beyond breastmilk/occasional light snacking).

For formula-fed babies, it's normal for them not decrease feeding amounts until month six; hence you can anticipate consistent intake till then - about four-six fluid ounces every three hours.

Alrighty then!! That brings us halfway mark through our guide (and possibly overexcited) but stay tuned because next comes up milestones worth paying more attention..!!!

Month Six: Welcome To Solid Grounds

Yayyy, we’re halfway there pun intended! Month six is a significant milestone for most babies as they welcome the start of solids. But no rush, make sure your baby shows signs of readiness before introducing any solid foods.

Keep in mind that even with the introduction of complementary feeds to their diet – breastmilk/formula (primary nutrition source), it's normal for the rate or state weight gain to drop - this can continue throughout toddlerhood although at a much slower pace.

Month Seven-Eight: Five-Stars On The Growth Chart

It's time for an update on the growth chart; We hope you gave yourself enough room because crossing those diagonals quickly becomes addictive!! Babies typically add about 1-2 pounds per month during this period and grown around another inch.

If you're worried that they may have gaps from real-time milestones versus chart accomplishments~~{parenthesis}~~don't worry, mama/papa; each child/childhood(for lack of better phrases) journey differs!

Month Nine-Ten: Hitting Double Digits

We’ll cheers ahead to double digits 'cause we made it!!!! Weight gains might slow down now quite significantly as compared to their first few months(; however, successful feeder experience & variety tryouts should be contributing adequately concerning healthy development progression 🙂

Monthly increases weigh between .5 and one pound during these periods until they hit month ten. More than ever; maintain close supervision via routine health check-ups since various other aspects also correspond with brain + overall physical developments that can affect growth too!

Month Eleven-Onward: Pardon Me If You Will

Stunted growth? Not really. Slower growth rates are usually amid teething troubles forcing infants off feed at times along with other changes like mobility explorations ~~{parenthesis}~~and possibly pickiness).

For drastic declines in progress rates weigh-wise/streaks lasting more than two-four weeks - check everything sitting right with the feeder/medical history of your munchkin, supplementation adjustments if not. In most cases, babies typically hit around 20-23 lbs by their first birthday!!

That's it – A wrap on our guide-to-growth humor infused with professional advice! We hope this article brought upon some laughs for you and helped set realistic expectations. Remember to provide your little cherub bubs with all the love and nourishment they require; rest will follow.

Godspeed parenting journey ahead!!!

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