Baby’s Ride: A Step-by-Step Guide to Putting Bassinet on City Mini GT

Are you a new parent struggling with how to put your baby's bassinet onto your city mini GT stroller? Fear not! This step-by-step guide will teach you how to do it like a pro. And don't worry, we won't judge if it takes you multiple tries (wink).


Getting Started: All the Things You Will Need

First things first - let's get all the tools and equipment together that you'll need for this process.


To assemble the bassinet onto your City Mini GT Stroller, you are going to need:

  • The bassinet itself
  • The adapters connecting
  • The canopy


And as far as tools go, grab these from around the house:

  1. A Fanny Pack filled with snacks (optional but recommended)
  2. Rubber Bands
  3. Patience - lots of patience

Understanding Your Equipment

Before diving in and assembling everything together haphazardly, take some time to understand each piece.

Introduction: Meet Your Friends!

In corner one we have "Lil Bassie" – sleek design and sturdy structure who is going places!!!! In corner two we have "The Adapters"- they make fitting the car seat or adding-on accessories quick n' easy. Lastly but not least come our MVPs of today "Canopy", protecting Lil Bassie against rain,sun & causing trouble when trying to attach

You may even consider reading through user manuals If possible because ya know sometime great journey starts with knowing about basics.

Putting It Together: Steps 1 Through 9 (Insert dramatic drumroll here!)

Now that everything has been gathered up let’s begin putting this lil fella together:

Step 1:Nature Calls 🙂

If there is anything unexpected during DIY, then it has to be a diaper blowout or the baby crying. It's Murphy’s Law in parenting after all . So if your child needs a new diaper, go sort that out and come back when they are clean as well as their vocal complaints have subsided until then rock side by side like true cowboys.

Step 2: Place The Adaptor

Now let's find where these adaptor things actually go. Take one adapter from its packaging You'll notice on the City Mini GT stroller below the handlebar two small notches Align those notches with the plastic protrusion present in your bassinet attachment Snap it into place (Snap)

Protip : Always remember left Adapter goes on mumsy right and vice versa!

Repeat this step again using second adapter for additional safety (wink).

Step 3: Understanding Canopy Attachment Points

With Our Adapter Job well Done & dusted, Its time to move onto our BP- "Canopy". Although Its first glance makes you "feel" good but you need more than just comforting looks.(For Installing off course because everyone knows babies can't eat metal)

As an important product function of keeping Lil Bassie safe through stormy days predicted either by Weatherman/Woman respectively or simply when predicting unpredictability (Babies We're looking at you!) Would be easier with some basic understanding of how/where attachments points located.

The canopy attachment system is best viewed from above. To do so:

Step 3A: Stand behind the stroller facing towards front. Step 3B: Ensure that both adapters are attached securely, Step 3C.:Look up under where black handle bar/weel lock/MarvelⓇ Movie posts exist, i.e.,small circles located about an inch down each side.Use nozzle to squirt ketchup on them so the attachment spots become easily visible Step 3D: Over the adapters' protrusions, aside from that there are yellow metal clamps. These are the canopy attachment points,

Easy peasy isn't it?

Step 4: Attaching The Canopy

If you're feeling pride after understanding how to identify canopy attachments points then sit back and sip tea because tricky part begins

Warning :Get your Rubbish bin ready for the excessive amounts of trial & error turn this stage into!

Here's what needs to be done:

  • Snap both ends in those metallic hooks through Canopy’s fabric tabs.
  • Ensure Hooks present along with snap clicking sound completed (Snap)
  • Repeat above steps for other side

Now just pray they have been attached properly and won't detach mid snooze (Ha! Wishful thinking wink)

Step 5: Placing Bassinet On Adapters

With "Lil Bassie" secured onto our beloved stroller why don’t we move towards branding it as yours by fitting within bassinet.

P.s - Take a ‘Good Night Snack’ break now lest hunger gets better of one.

Alright let start get branded,

Step 5A: Start By moving canopies forward using release trigger located underside and remove seat padding Step 5B: Hold the bassinet tightly against your chest while positioning it over adapters on urban mini-gt structure. (The Bigger end will go towards handlebar/child face) Step 5C: Line up lil notches Once they’re aligned Push both sides upon adapters with force until They click sounds comes-up which indicates that it is locked securely in place.

Fun Fact!: A frequent traveler might found such secure noises comforting 😀 Worked perfectly even when ran at full speed!

Step6: Safety First / Buckle Up mates!!

We've almost reached finish line but we need to make sure our newly branded ride is safe.

  • Now attach belt to the adapters on both sides of "Lil Bassie"
  • Place remainder under your child & Finally buckle it up! (Side note: Baby belts are ridiculously easy to fix unlike those at gym)

Protip : Visiting gp for neck pains?Better leave that thought because Far more secure than a chiropractor could ever hope for!

Step7: Rocking and Rolling 🥳🥳

It's time put our last part together- The seat padding which slipped away in step five.

Attach its elastic loops as early ve done with Canopy attachment.

This simply acts like cushioning while strolling through unpredictable paths. (Comfortable yet functional)

Step8: Even weatherman gets sometimes right, use that !!

Although we’ve learnt how to protect Lil-Bassie but one potentially-nasty surprise you can’t escape is weather.

If hence comes such situation when there’s a possibility of rain or sunshine turn canopy outwards from your side towards child and click its fixity

Pro tip: If really feeling fancy aesthetically pleasant crib sheet/utility comes handy here

We hope this tutorial has successfully helped you in putting together the bassinet onto your City Mini GT Stroller! While this guide does everything possible but rather then being limited by boundaries why don't’you try these tips :

  1. Does journey seem boring ? Why not take advantage of swivel abilities and rotate so both carrying little angel soothe their fun-factory-dramas.
  2. Long walk ahead means need snack pair - Slide Kid’s Meal box at bottom basket And Fanny pack next-to-Stroller handle 3.Outfits matter , let kid be fashionable – as no label says taking baby stroll demands fluffy frocks/pantsuits only – Experiment of finding perfect outfit for Adventure.

On that note, Our Team Wishes You The Best On Every Living Moment With your Baby And Enjoy safe Joyrides With"Little Bassie".

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