Back Pain & Baby Bumps: Can Pregnancy Be a Culprit?

Are you pregnant and experiencing back pain? Sounds like a big ol' bummer to me. But fear not, because you're not alone! In fact, over 50% of pregnant women experience back pain at some point during their pregnancy. So before you start worrying that something is seriously wrong with your baby bump, let's explore some common causes of back pain during pregnancy.

Back Pain & Baby Bumps: Can Pregnancy Be a Culprit?

Hormones Gone Wild

Your body is going through some serious hormonal changes during pregnancy - we're talking major mood swings, cravings for pickles and ice cream (at the same time), and yes, even changes in how your muscles and joints function. Specifically, your body releases a hormone called relaxin which helps loosen up your ligaments and joints so that your pelvis can stretch as the baby grows. Unfortunately, this process can also lead to looser-than-normal ligaments all throughout the spine which can often lead to backpocalypse.

What You Can Do About It:

  • Get plenty of rest (say goodbye to sleep for awhile)
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stretch (gently!)
  • Put On Your Fancy Pants And Invest In A Maternity Support Belt

Extra Weight From That Bundle Of Joy

Let's be real here - carrying around an extra human being inside you is no easy feat! As your little one grows bigger day by day so does their weight pushing down on you lower spine resulting in those dreaded shooting pains.”

What You Can Do About It:

Look into belly dancing or other pregnancy-safe exercise courses designed specifically to help keep mama healthy all nine months!

Avoid wearing high heels or shoes without ample support

Try sleeping on your side with pillows between knees

Stay Active Even Just Small Walks Will Help Keep Mama’s Body Moving”

Swinging With The Centre Of Gravity

Added weight aside, your center of gravity is also changing. Remember that pineapple-sized human inside of you? That little wedge can displace the spinal muscles and even cause a hip tilt which will all have the domino effect to put pressure on the back.”

What You Can Do About It:

Try doing prenatal yoga or Pilates instead -- these exercises focus specifically on strength training and stabilizing muscle groups.

Practice good posture while standing Avoid crossing legs while sitting

Use waist level support for prolonged periods such as ironing if possible.

Sciatica Is A Pain In The...

What do sharp stabbing pain radiating from your butt down your thigh mean during pregnancy? It's likely sciatica. This intense nerve pain usually starts in the lower back or hip area and then runs down one leg into toes causing pregnant women to break out into immediate tears.

What You Can Do About It:

Investing in a body pillow would be an excellent idea Rotating ice-packs every few hours Consider visiting your chiropractor Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories could help relieve some inflammation

Baby Flip Mode

When you're expecting, it’s often said: 'expect the unexpected.' One thing that happens unexpectedly but quite commonly during late pregnancy is when baby decides it'd much rather hang out upside down than right-side up! Situations like this leave less room for those internal organs making breath-taking experience of carrying around another human being suddenly more difficult,” says Dr. John Horton!

What You Can Do About It:

There are several natural methods (all doctor approved) designed to encourage the baby turn head-down: - Knee-Chest Exercise: On All Fours Lean Forward With Head Lower Than Your Hips” - Light Massage Therapy Over Lower Abdomen To Encourage Movement”

Ultimately, if all fails call upon medical professionals who will see what options lie ahead” Advise Dr. Horton.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy can often be full of amazing moments like feeling baby kick for the first or even finding out little one's gender, but all those changes affects the body in many ways including pain. The most important thing to remember is that while back pain may be uncomfortable, odds are it's a completely normal (albeit not so fun) part of pregnancy. So put on your comfiest pants and relax knowing that you’re doing an incredible job growing that tiny human being inside you!

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