Back to Sleep: Tips for Keeping Your Baby Safe and Sound.

You finally did it! You brought your brand new baby home from the hospital and are ready to start this crazy journey called parenthood. But with all the excitement comes a whole lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to keeping your little one safe while they sleep. Here are some tips that will help you rest easy knowing that your baby is sleeping soundly.

Back to Sleep: Tips for Keeping Your Baby Safe and Sound.

Always put them on their back

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it's worth repeating. Always put your baby to sleep on their back until they're at least 1 year old. This position helps reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) which is something we definitely want to avoid.

Keep the crib clear

When decorating your baby's nursery, try not to go overboard with pillows, blankets or cute stuffed animals because these items can create hazards by blocking airways or causing suffocation since babies don't have much control of their movements in those early days. Instead keep everything nicely tucked away so there aren't any loose objects floating around near them as they snooze.

Opt for firm surfaces

Comfort may be key for us adults but for our tiny tots rough isn’t bad at all . In fact, whenever putting them down , make sure you place them in cribs where the mattress has been shrunk-wrapped- tight & raised i.e Firm mattresses manes less sinking..and more breathing room .

Swaddle Away!!

Babies love being wrapped up snug as a bug in swaddled sheets especially after being usedto feeling confined inside moms belly . A well-done wrap job will help calm fussy infants aiding good nap times/ overnight sleeps by providing enough warmth and security telling that I'm still cozy Mom .

But Hold Up…

As amazing as enveloping lil ones sounds like gifting them warmth and security, experts stress out that swaddling babies tightly with their legs pushed straight can lead to hip dysplasia ( a condition where the baby’s hip doesn't grow properly leading to disability in adulthood). Try placing babies on their back using elastic wraps or muslin wraps but leave enough bottom space for kicking .

Fitted sheets it is!

The tighter the sheet ,the more secure your baby feels. Ensure you get rid of loose & baggy bed covers since they are quite riskyleading to suffocation and difficulty in breathing if looped over little faces.

Skip bumpers too

It might seem like a good idea when coordinating colors and themes of cribs , but pads do carry risks .“Bumpers incrrease airway obstruction “ says American Academy of Pediatrics making crib otherwise safe into death traps 🙁 So skip these unnecessary additions.

Banish smoke

Try avoiding smoking inside house completely because Banning smoke decreases chances which prevail developing viruses /asthma related symptoms among other things worsening immunity.In case someone has been exposed reduce contact with your baby since second-hand smoke does affect them way more than adults.

Prevent Overheating

If its cozy warm weather there is no need putting jackets/wooly nightdresses on infants Bodies regulate temperature differently from ours so keep an eye especially during sleep times when cosiness posses higher risk.Dehydration brought about by overheating leads to fever (not fun), hence severe cases could cause SIDS( Even worse)To avoid such scenarios remove extra clothes.

Room sharing Vs Co-sleeping Delimma

Parents often find themselves pondering whether room-sharing or co- sleeping would be best while caring for bedtime newborns .In fact nowhere close healthy ! Always opt t0 have babies sleep within same room as parents up until six months old just not at exact place or monitor usage-.

Skip the co-sleeping bed making trick

Do not..I mean DO NOT use sofas, armchairs to lay babies as naps ..fatal injuries persist where babies suffocate on soft surfaces in sleep .

Spot that pacifier

We can sometimes forget essentials when excitement is at its peak .In fact there are great health benefits such as reduced chances of SIDS , colic reduction and constant sleeping patterns which come with infants engaging soothers . Stock up on a good selection of them so it makes choice much easier. But keep an eye out before they star teething --once they become outdated swap it for newer ones since extended usage linked to various health issues.

Try Rear-facing cribs

Some parents go other unorthodox routes and try placing baby next to bedside/onbedside cots positioning oneself counter/horizontal according to baby's breating pattern.Best avoid doing such things risking accidental harm.Why not optb for specially designed sleepers- rear facing like the Snoo or Halos' bassinets? Theyoffer proximate sensory experiences while reducing risks associated by sidesleeping.

Soft Noises please

The world outside might be noisy but our little angels need peacefulquite time during naps & sleeps since loud noises could lead to overstimulation disturbing their cycle/ quality of rest trying playing white noise/fan sounds keeping enough space between products.No Television Please!

Frequent check-ins

Everyone loves freedom including your child but Its always best if you make checkup rounds every once in awhile just checking if everything thing’s intact during wee hours.Simply get assureances each time/take breaks whenever necessary.

Sleep can definitely seem elusive those first few weeks (or months) after bringing home a new bundle of joy.but panic less.You're now closer than ever towards understanding what's needed inorder help your kid snooze off faster--and longer for that matter. These tips will make sure you give your baby the best possible chance for a good night's rest and provide yourselves with some solid shut eye as well 😉

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