Bangin’ Zzz’s: How to Sleep with Bangs

If you have bangs, you know the struggle of getting a good night's sleep without waking up looking like Einstein's cousin. You've tried every trick in the book - from bobby pins to headbands - but nothing seems to work. But fret not, my friend! In this article, we'll give you some tips and tricks for how to sleep with bangs and wake up looking like a million bucks.


The Problem with Sleeping with Bangs

Before we dive into our solutions, let's break down exactly what makes sleeping with bangs such a challenge. Bangs (or fringe if you're fancy) are hair that hangs over your forehead – we look at them as curtains that frame our face perfectly! However, when it comes time for bed and those curtains come down on one side or both sides/ all over your brown faces – disaster can strike!!!

The main problem is the friction between your hair and pillowcase which causes tangles that result in frizz nightmares.

Another issue is from sweating during hot-summer nights causing hair dampness in turn creating oily-based acne pimpled foreheads!

But worry not; We’ve got some awesome strategies for preventing these disasters so that you can get some beauty shut-eye now.


1. Dry Shampoo Before Bedtime

Dry shampoo might be considered old news these days by some– but believe us, dry shampoo continues reigning supreme!!!! Not only will it make sure there’s no grease left behind after daily activities; It’ll also help prevent post-sleep moisture from settling on your forehead while keeping your locks fresh second-day-dry oh-so-clean¿

This helps keep excessive oils within limits formulating hairstyles simple before pressing snooze!! bonus tip: using dry shampoo shoot powder straight through where partition breaks causing more concealing depth..

2. Wash Your Bangs Less Often

As you know, over-washing can lead to brittle and dry hair that no one wants!! The easier fix? Keep your bangs away from the water more often!!!

The less moisture within; fewer chances for dampness/ sweat greasing up leading to unnecessary pimple growth on forehead skin.

3. Bobby Pins are not just accessories but Divine Creatures with a Purpose!

While some may refer to bobby pins as “hair accessories,” they have many uses other than just fashion statements! One of them being keeping those pesky bang in place while sleeping – life-saving!!!

At bedtime when it’s time to hit snooze-ville, gather your hair from each side of your face and secure it with a few bobby pins.

Bonus tip: Place them at an angle facing towards each other making sure there is almost zero chance any hair will escape throughout night..ZZZzzzZZ’

4. Change Your Pillowcase Regularly

We might sound like mom right now ¡ but trust us - changing the pillowcase can work wonders for both complexion AND hairstyle!!

Pillowcases tend-harbors-breed-settle accumulate dirt which sits comfortably snuggled next-to-your-face all-night-long performing acne bacteria partying! On top-of-that inducing strands taking new direction leading into oily bed head mornings gasp

Changing pillowsheets frequently will benefit reducing unwanted flare-ups along with minimizing frizz look upon waking ready too tackle days ahead (while remaining stylish)!!

(pro-tip: keep an extra pillow or two handy if needed!)

5. Sleep With Hair Tucked Behind Ears

Tucking behind adds in preventative measures caused friction by restriction..

Typically this works better overnight although tuck regular helps maintaining neat tidiness sprucing smart professional appearance anytime day or evening…


Well my friendz, that concludes our tips and tricks to getting the best shut-eye possible while keeping your bangs in check. While sleeping with bangs can be a challenge, it’s worth it for their sexy stylish appearance- right¿

In conclusion, we hope that by following our advice you'll wake up feeling rested without worrying about what your hair looks like!

With these solutions at hand; there's no reason why anyone should dread entering beautiful dreamland destined for braid-build-up-limbo!! We hope these tips were helpful, ¡¡sleep tight!!

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