Beach Bound: When It’s Warm Enough to Hit the Sand

It's that time of year again! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, bees are buzzing - and beach season has officially arrived. If you're anything like me, you've been counting down the days until it's warm enough to hit the sand.

Beach Bound: When It

But before you grab your sunscreen and flip flops (those are mandatory by the way), let's talk about everything else that goes into making a day at the beach perfect. From snacks to games to must-have accessories (seriously, don't forget them), here's everything you need to know about heading beach bound.

Picking Your Perfect Spot: Finding That Special Place Where You Can Soak Up Some Sun

First things first – where in God’s name do we park? There’s nothing worse than driving around for an hour trying to find a parking spot close enough but not too close("I am an expert on this"). Do I park behind the guy who clearly flunked parallel parking or next to him because he won't be able open his doors?

When picking your spot make sure:

  • Not Too Close To Other People
  • Respect personal space!
  • Stay Near Public Amenities(or restrooms) -Good place for fresh water if needed
  • Check For Accessible Showers/Water(for washing off sand)

Next step is selecting where exactly on that heavenly shore we will lay our laysheets(carefully chosen so as not to catch fire under our sun-baked bodies). I suggest finding two stable adult people in which shade can be built up from ('cause humans suck at building castles with towels), and ain't nobody wants their spf55 drowned in sweat just because our lazy asses couldn’t carry an umbrella out there.

Remember: “it is always sunny at Mar-a-Lago” Honestly though choose spots wisely, because that can make or break your day.

Bringing The Goods: Must-Have Accessories

Now that we're parked and settled in our spot (no really, where are the restrooms?), let's talk must-have accessories. These are things you absolutely cannot forget (seriously, don't even try to argue with me on this):

  • Sunscreen -Waterproof SPF50+ is ideal
  • Beach Towels -Don’t bring a bathroom towel; invest in good-quality beach towels
  • Sunglasses/Hat -Choose something trendy but also functional
  • Reusable Water Bottles/ Snacks & Beverages/Watermelon!!!!!
  • Stay hydrated so as not to end up like those sunburned guys at baywatch lol

Also consider purchasing an insulated cooler/beverage-holder to keep food warm/cold while at the beach. Someone needs to scream it from the rooftop — "BEER AND TACOS ARE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!"

Games To Keep Your Entire Crew Entertained

After catching some rays around noon, break out these games for beachside fun:

  1. Volleyball—Classic still holds up after ages! It’s one of my personal favs.
  2. Cornhole(Tailgate)/(Bean-Bag-Toss)--This game appeals to all sorts of skill levels.
  3. Giant Jenga(Icebreaker)/Card set -- Bring your own deck.Being stranded without entertainment sucks!!
  4. Sandcastle Building Competition – Winner gets bragging rights (duh)!

These kickass games are surefire ways to keep everyone entertained during peak hours while drawing other groups over just basking.

Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore

Nobody wants their trip go south faster than a melting glacier(Know what I mean?). Here are a few safety tips worth keeping in mind:

  1. Don't Forget Sunscreen! Wear sunscreen religiously and reapply after taking a refreshing ocean dip.

  2. Stay Hydrated! -Drink water, the sun will accelerate dehydration to avoid heat exhaustion.

  3. Know Swimming Conditions -Sometimes rip tides might be present
  4. Respect Mother Nature -Collect your trash(even cigarette butts)
  5. Watch Your Children Carefully(Save the sharks some dinner!)

Some of these tips are common sense and have been repeated ad nauseam, but they're still worth repeating.

Sand Cleaning Hacks: No More Sand in Your Pants

Let’s just say it; Stray sand is evil— It gets everywhere!!

  1. Baby Powder /Cornstarch– Simply sprinkle on sandy body parts before brushing off (Voila).
  2. Water & Paper Towels/Wipes – Fill up a small bucket with clean fresh water for easy access while dabbing off wet sand as it occurs .
  3. Beach Mats With an Open Weave ‘cause ain't nobody got time to spend all day sweeping out sand from their stuff. 4.Shower/ Changing Clothes Areas – Use a quick spritz over items/shower off quickly at authorized areas.

So get those grains of sands gone ('cause crevasses fulla them gives us nightmares).

In Conclusion

Hitting the beach can be one of summer's greatest pleasures—if you do it right(‘nuff said) Whether you prefer tanning or engaging in activities (ahem..turtle-watching) by the shore, one thing is certain: there's always fun to be had in surf and sun when properly accessorized(read twice for emphasis 😂😏)

By following our simple guidelines above, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy every second of your sunny getaway without any sorta hitch(bits). So put on some shades(in style obviously), pack those towels(instead of blankets) and good food, and prepare to spend a day at the beach that you'll never forget (or regret).

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