Birth Without Pushing: The Surprising Outcome

Are you scared of giving birth naturally? Do you dread the thought of pushing a tiny human out of your body? Well, what if we told you that you don't have to push at all?

Birth Without Pushing: The Surprising Outcome

Yes, folks. You read that right. There is actually an approach called "Birth without Pushing" and it's gaining popularity.

Here's everything you need to know about this surprisingly easy birthing option.

What Is "Birth Without Pushing"?

As the name suggests, this approach involves delivering your baby without any forceful pushing on your end.

Typically, when a woman gives birth in a hospital setting, her healthcare provider encourages her to perform the classic Valsalva maneuver during delivery – which basically means holding one's breath while straining against a closed glottis or vocal chords.

This type of pushing can lead to complications such as tearing and pelvic floor injury. It can also cause anxiety and exhaustion for moms who aren't exactly Olympic-level athletes.

With Birth without Pushing, however, women work with their bodies instead of against them.

How Does It Work?

The process starts off much like regular labor: uterine contractions prompt fetal movement down toward the cervix.

But instead of coaching Mom through forced bearing-down (OW!), she allows natural reflexes also known as Fetal Ejection Reflex (FER)to do most of the work by following urges similar to those experienced when having bowel movements

By learning breathing techniques taught via classes prior,the woman learns how breathe instinctively in order not thwart natural expulsive efforts i.e 'take short shallow pant-like exhales' in conjunction with sounds or low deep grunts.She ends up allowing nature take its course,yielding great progress .

Trust us,this isn't something they teach at Lamaze class,but research has shown that using these more relaxed ejection techniques reduces the need for interventions like "episiotomy" - a surgical cut made at the opening of the vagina during childbirth, to aid a difficult delivery and also reduces ones body's inflammatory response.

What Are The Benefits?

Aside from reducing pelvic floor injury and minimizing stress on your body as you give birth, this method can offer moms-to-be other benefits worth looking forward to – minus any Kate Gosselin-ish hissy fits.

Some of these benefits include:

Shorter Labor Time

With less effort required than with traditional pushing methods, average labor time is often shorter

More Comfortable

This method allows women ease into birthing without much pain thereby counteracting anxiety leading to greater comfort.

Less Tearing/Fewer Injuries

Since there are no forceful burst type pushes compared to regular delivery modes such as where bearing down intensifies in frequency and intensity ,this may lead less tissue injuries.(fewer cuts = more healing)

Postpartum relief

Earlier onset of postnatal recovery in comparison due to less prescriptions for analgesics or ibuprofen

Is It Right For Me?

Like all things pregnancy-related (including wicked cravings such as pickles-and-icecream), Birth Without Pushing is NOT one-size-fits-all.

For example,you will need clearance from your doctor if you have pre-existing medical conditions/blood disorders that increase your risk factors or baby health concerns.The American College Of Obstetricians has laid out indications/ precautions/steps outlined must be met prior executing birthing immediately

Here are some important questions that might help guide you on whether this choice is right for you:

  1. Do You Want A Natural Birth? If yes,this could be what you're seeking.

  2. Are You Prepared To Take Classes Prior ?

Although giving birth shouldn't feel like acting school,lots of expecting moms find convenience learning vital techniques and customizable birthing plans by taking classes/conversing with experienced mothers in relevant social media platforms offering great insight prior to the actual event.

  1. Are You Prepared For The Possibility of Intervention If Things Get Sticky?

Though elective caesarean sections often utilize this method on account of its clinical advantages,  it is crucial to remember that one never knows how their body's response might influence outcomes.

What Do Other Moms Say About It?

“I decided early on that I wanted a natural birth." said Caroline S.,a passionate advocate for "Birth Without Pushing" , adding that she went into labor after just four hours!

The first thing I noticed was how intense and painful the contractions were...but with the Fetal Ejection Reflex everything changed.

I found myself being able to manage pain instead of stressfully contorting my face or biting down which happens often during active phase when pushing is also usually taught

Caroline did admit having moments where one may doubt themselves .She says,"You feel like you're not doing anything because there's no dramatic pushing, but be assured – your baby IS coming out!";

Another fan Aishat J had this to say about her experience:

"I couldn't believe how responsive my body was even as a first-time mother. Also,my baby came out alert,wide-eyed almost as if we shared secrets".It took six grunting rounds premised on simple breathing permutations without any invasive surgery!

But what really stands out in all these women's experiences? Confidence in their bodies' capabilities and trust toward nature.

Getting Ready for Birth Without Pushing

So,you've taken time getting well-versed about "birth without pushing" technique.

Here are several other things expectant mothers ought to keep at heart before experiencing birth :

Mindful Breathing

Remember,it is important synchronize inhalation/exhalation rhythms whilst consciously focusing/literally channeling energy downward into the vaginal area

Rock and roll

Often,non linear pelvic movements in a squat position or on all fours during each subsequent uterine contractions can help widen birthing canal to greater extend.

Trust Your Instincts

Try as much as possible not dwell too much about minutia /set-in-stone birth plan but instead trust your body's natural instincts often those will be less stressful particularly for first time mothers.

What Happens After "Pushless" Birth?

Contrary to what has been portrayed by media of late,did you know postpartum (after delivery) recovery is one of most important parts?

It involves taking care of yourself while welcoming/transiting to motherhood..

Here are some things that moms can expect after giving birth with this method:

Birthing such as this especially if undergone without visualizing excessive strain could trigger euphoria & elated sense via pronounced release of oxytocin hormone -same type when breastfeeding happens-which has correlation with triggering enhanced maternal feelings.

The benefits are palpable right from the start too. Babies born via Natural Reflex Birthing tend wake up naturally alert,node crying immediately enough space given hence more optimal infant oxygenation

Dr Edna Ma noted Obstetrician,Gynecologist Specialist quotes birth without pushing approach as "..far easier experience even sometimes surpassing positive outcomes than traditional methods"

Getting More Information On Birth Without Pushing ?

Look no further,but really unlike misleading headers,this is it!Birth Without Pushing isn't talked so much about outside small communities since its still many ways alternative rather than mainstream model regarding childbirth although gaining traction due in part reliability over time .

Another option would be seeking information from a qualified midwife/doctor. Join online forums like Facebook groups which includes professionals who lend helpful insights has exhaustive litany list.

In Conclusion

Giving birth doesn't have to be such a painful,traumatic event like what we often see on TV.

While there is no "best" way to deliver a baby as unique experiences exist depending which approach you opt for and some moms may differ about this. Birth Without Pushing offers new information/plausible childbirth technique that mothers can try – with the help of their doctors,midwives or support groups.

So if it sounds like something worth considering— don't let fear hold you back! Embrace it and trust your body. You just might find yourself in the midst of an amazing birthing experience more enjoyable than ever imagined!

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