Boosting Your Ride: Rent a Booster Seat from Enterprise

Are you planning to hit the open road with your little one? Its a great time for some bonding moments, but it can also be nerve-wracking. You want them to be safe and secure during the journey. When choosing a car rental company, make sure they prioritize child safety.

Boosting Your Ride: Rent a Booster Seat from Enterprise

Enterprise offers parents' peace of mind with their booster seat rental services. Here are some reasons why choosing Enterprise is the way to go:

Unlimited Mileage and No Hidden Fees

When renting any type of booster seat, there's always fine print to read carefully before signing on the dotted line. Different companies offer different packages at varying costs. Most times you'll need pay extra fees for mileage limits, insurance policy payments or gas refills that would jack up overall cost more than usual.

With an unlimited mileage package valid within US territories and no hidden fees whatsoever,: Enterprise caters solely on providing quality service without additional charges that would burn holes in pockets gradually keeping parent and kids happy.

Clean Car Seats Guaranteed

There’s nothing quite like knowing your child is sitting snugly in something clean pristine seats provided by enterprise compared to grabbing one off of amazon sometimes quality over quantity matters most! This creates confidence since all seats are thoroughly inspected upon departure from facilities.. Get ready as attentively trained staff turn every corner of cleaning crucial carpentry thereby removing unhygienic contaminants! - Every seat includes instruction manuals compliant with U.S regulations. - Offer rates as low $11 dollars per day - Provides half-back pricing options - never fret if plans change###

A Wide Range Of Sizes For All Ages And Weights

We know our children grow up so fast; this fact alone justifies buying clothes two sizes too big even though it seems ridiculous now, doesn't it? It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that these little ones have corresponding car seats as well.

Traveling can be an additional cost on top of other things, and buying a seat every few months may not be the most financially wise decision. Instead, hit up Enterprise for an assortment of booster seats specifically designed for suitable age groups.

Besides just covering their age range with sizes height-adjustable straps to ensure that safety comes first at all times when choosing any model.

Easy To Access

No one wants to go through tedious processes when renting something, especially when it comes to kiddies' safety requirements! Unfortunately, some companies still follow outdated rental procedures that take forever before enabling you finally start your journey.

For people who love online shopping (who doesn't!), waiting in line can be a taxing experience. Carrying these boosters with luggage around isn't fun either!! However, they have easy-to-access locations nearly everywhere; theirs is sure always to provide convenience by scheduling each facet pickup right away! Besides visiting our location office physically or reaching out via phone and fax number during working hours even book through email services figuring out which plan best fits needs.

Their reliable booking system also lets you make changes without needing last-minute re-confirmation - reducing stress levels while educating about care techniques via testimonials seen from past enthusiastic users.

Enhanced Safety Designs

Safety is paramount when it involves kids that’s why hiring expert consultants helped create the best design innovations throughout all stages consisting of: - Highbacks construction works – Recommended for ages 5 thru 7 - Leveraging seatbelt strength – Catered mainly towards six + year-olds who quickly become too tall for younger models. - Different integrated positions give thorough support throughout trips hence ensuring children stay concentrated & centered!

Age Based Seat Selection Chart

Ages Weight(in pounds) Height (inches)
Infant Birth upto12months upto22
Toddler Usually 9 months to 4 years 26 to 40
Child About 4years old up to around age nine under 57

Once you have your kid's stats, choose the seat that fits. It's simple as ABC – except you get more from Enterprise than song lyrics.

If you thought this was about musical vocals, then get ready for a symphony of safety!

Essential Tips For Using Booster Seats

Booster seats are an important component of child safety while driving. Here are some tips when using them: - Never put a rear-facing car seat in the front passenger seat. - Always use the safety belt or LATCH system to secure your booster and it should be snug with no slack - Check height limits regularly as kids grow super quick! - Try not to leave any objects on the top surface since they can become dangerous projectiles if suddenly stopping!

Always read manufacturers instructions thoroughly before installation into vehicle alignment ensuring safe transportation throughout travels


Enterprise offers reliable cars for rent but has made sure children stay comfortable by enhancing their safety measures.

Not only do they provide car seats at reasonable rates, available in different sizes, but also gather professionals' input such that innovation is continually met regarding design and overall quality control.

Emphasis advanced booking systems reduce waiting time lines avoiding stress - providing every minute with exciting moments especially significant memories cherished eternally.

You don't need rocket science knowledge -. Just determine age based weight-height ratios alongside basic rules stated above and embark upon sprawling open roads without worry!!

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