Breaking the Pill Myth: Birth Control & OCD

Welcome to this witty article on birth control and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. A lot of rumors have bound around about how contraceptives affect levels of anxiety in women with OCD. Some argue that they increase it while others are rooting for its reductions.

Breaking the Pill Myth: Birth Control & OCD

To be honest, ladies, we’ve heard all kinds of folktales surrounding pills since school. It’s not easy to know what’s true or false, especially when public opinions are as diverse as Nigerian food options; from spicy-hot jollof rice to sumptuous pounded yam and egusi soup.

Nonetheless, here's a fun fact that should keep your bated breath alive: research has overthrown misconceptions on using contraceptive pills without prescription.

Debunking Common Beliefs About Pills:

1. "You can't take contraceptives if you're anemic"

First things first; This is total hogwash! Unlike drugs like Ibuprofen which triggers abdominal bleeding or constant headache/sleeplessness (depending on reaction rate) conventional oral contraceptives do not induce menorrhagia - excessive blood loss during menstruation.

Thus, contrary to popular opinion among unofficial drug dispensers claiming oral devices reduce healthy red cell counts causing severe body weakness – anemia; prescribed accredited birth controls don’t pose risks for blood-thirsty vampires lurking in your bedroom corner!

As long as you follow directions by visiting a doctor before gulping any pill down – regardless of cycle irregularities or spotting patterns –you’ll never skip iron-rich meals again.

2."Birth Control Worsens Anxiety For Women With OCD."

Like seriously?! Whoever said so? Of course people tend to stress periodically over various issues now and then —even trivial matters get us worried sometimes— but the truth stands clear:

Mental disorders such as Depression and Mood swings have been linked to irregular hormone fluctuations. So, common hormonal pills alleviate depressive symptoms and stabilize fears especially in individuals with premenstrual-induced mood dysfunctions.

In fact, Psychiatric reports indicate that depression is almost four times higher among women than men, and if anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants consumed for fear ridden ailing persist beyond two weeks…get help from an expert before things get out of hand.

3."BC Results In Instant Weight Gain."

Now this one definitely takes the cake!

Don’t get intimidated when some lady next door sends shivers down your spine narrating miserable tales about escalating weight-gain triggered by taking pills.

Birth control is designed as an estrogen +progesterone patch which helps regulate follicle signals (causing ovulation) thus indirectly affecting body metabolism during maturation cycles resulting in little gains or losses no more profound than minimal variance on a scale can measure;

It’s safe to say whatever sudden bloating you see happening around waistline area might just be due to High-calorie intake/Reduced post-workout activity routine rather than claiming those poor harmless baby-preventing devices!


So, It's crystal clear now - Birth control does not only assist sexually active females warding off unwanted pregnancies but also works marvelously across various health bands including OCD patients –

However as prescribed Pill usage regulations requires commitment towards keeping tabs on side-effects – mild elevations in blood pressure rates, headaches sometimes— induced by artificial hormones…

But still should remain within reach anytime daring situations present (which they often do!)

Stay Safe! And remember.. Be careful what myths you spread around"

Thank you for reading our hilarious take on birth controls and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Don't forget to share the article with any friends who may benefit from it!

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