Breaking Up with Massage Envy: Cancelling My Membership

It's time. I've made the difficult decision to cancel my membership with Massage Envy. Don't get me wrong, they're great at what they do. But sometimes, you just need a change. Here's how it all went down.

Breaking Up with Massage Envy: Cancelling My Membership

The Background Story

I first signed up for a Massage Envy membership about a year ago. It seemed like the perfect way to unwind after work, and let's be real -- who doesn't love a good massage? Plus, the convenience of having multiple locations was appealing.

At first, everything was great. I had some amazing massages and felt like each session really helped alleviate stress from my day-to-day grind.

But as time went on, something changed.

Frustrations Mounting

Maybe it was because I started going during peak hours or maybe it was just bad luck, but every time I tried to schedule an appointment I would find out that their therapists were booked solid for weeks at a time... even when checking in advance! This wasn't ideal for someone who wanted spontaneity in their itinerary (read: me).

Then there were times where the front desk staff weren't helpful either --- not to throw shade but don't waste your precious minutes making futile phone calls if customers aren’t given dates right off!

And sometimes... well sometimes the therapist assigned simply didn’t work out (even though one could leave feedback afterwards).

The Final Straw

The last straw came when my scheduled therapist called off twice without getting any replacement cover we PUNCTUAL humans can communicate better than this!. After calling customer service (groan), and being placed on hold while listening to generic music loops /scrolls ('muzak' anyone?), only then did somebody offer me another masseuse days earlier when i am already doing something else?!?

Well we deserve respect, people! And when there are several red flags, it's time to break up.

The Breakup Conversation

I wasn't quite sure how to bring up cancelling my membership during my next appointment. It just felt like a weird conversation to have -- like breaking up with someone who didn't do anything wrong but you're over it kind of deal. Thankfully, I could avoid that by calling customer service hotline (a little voice in me thanking virtual assistants born out of natural language processing technology) lol.

After navigating through the phone prompts and automated responses, I finally reached a human representative/assistant (who was impressively nice!). As she directed us into rescheduling within their offered dates without alternatives or replacements.. This only made things easier. We mutually agreed that we would end our relationship effective immediately after trying months for them to rectify some issues.

The Aftermath

It's been about two weeks since I ended things with Massage Envy and while I miss the routine... i couldn’t help feeling relief from having more control over my schedule and energy .

However regretful dropping MX was, its imperative as customers-and humans even too-that we enjoy value-adding experiences without stress or undue injury especially where money is involved! So before ending this article...

Are you considering cancelling your membership with Massage Envy? Here are some tips based on my recent experience:

  1. Call customer service instead of addressing it at your next appointment - unless you fancy awkward conversations; they are always there willing to assist.
  2. Be honest about why you're cancelling - No need sugarcoating what somethings make feel terrible !
  3. Check your contract documents for cancellation rules OR visit their site- It pays off sometimes!
  4. Stick to your decision - Avoid being presented pennies when all along diamonds were expected .
  5. Don't be afraid to move on - there’s always something better out there.

Hopefully, this article gave you a little insight into my own personal experience and some tips to consider if you're also thinking of cancelling your membership. Goodluck!

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