Breaking Wind: Why Do Babies Fart All the Time?

As adults, we all know what it feels like to release a bit of gas. But why do babies seem to fart so much more often? Is it because they're eating differently or is there something else going on?

Breaking Wind: Why Do Babies Fart All the Time?

The Basics of Flatulence

Before delving into why babies tend to have more flatulence than adults, let's talk about what causes flatulence in the first place. When we eat and drink, air gets swallowed along with our food and liquids. This air needs to escape somehow.

Even though you try your best not to look disgusted when someone around rips one out but sometimes you end up feeling jealous that how come others can release fart with such easiness while I have put my whole life winning this small game

Flatulence occurs when gas builds up in the digestive tract and is then expelled through the rectum. The gas is made up of several gases including nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane as well as small amounts of other gases.

What Makes Babies Fart More Often Than Adults?

Babies tend to be notorious for their ability to rip some rather impressive farts at times. There are many reasons why they may pass gas more frequently than grown-ups.

Immature Digestive System

For starters, babies' digestive systems aren't fully developed yet. Their intestines need time before properly breaking down certain types of food which can lead to fermentation which further leads towards gas production (1). This process creates more gas in their bodies causing them wind-related distresses/(2).

Swallowing Air

Moreover,babies swallow a lot more air than grown-ups because they nurse or bottle feed far less efficiently (3) - this could also explain why Spit Up happens frequently almost around every corner! So inevitably all that extra air ends its way into their stomachs where it has to come out somewhere. This scenario could be used to explain why farts are prominent in their routine.

Not only do they swallow more air while eating, but babies also tend to suck on various objects throughout the day which further increases the amount of air they take in - no wonder your baby loves those pacifiers and soothers so much! Hence it seems like she is trying her best to compete with you when it comes to that friendly whoopie cushion tone.

Food Choices

Lastly, some studies suggest that what we feed our babies can have an impact on their flatulence rates (4). The human milk formula has fewer components as compared to breastmilk hence infants may experience less gas production through consumption of breastfeeding than bottle-fed ones (5).

A related study shows a significant reduction in gas and colic among adults consuming exclusive MCT based diet (6).

Is Farting Normal for Babies?

Yes indeedy-do! Flatulence is very common among all age groups including infants. There's no need to worry about your little one farting like there's nobody's business unless accompanied by other symptoms importantly discomfort or bloating: then a physician visit is recommended (7) .

How Can You Help Your Baby Relieve Gas?

If your baby frequently experiences uncomfortable levels of gas, there are several things that you can do at home:

  • Gently massage his/her tummy
  • Encourage him/her into different positions such as head elevated knee-to-chest position
  • Pedaling exercises
  • Burping during feeding frequent intervals

Phew! That was quite informative regarding breaking wins or passing flatus within newborns.


In conclusion, many factors contribute towards infantile flatulence prominence including immature digestive systems, swallowing too much air and food choices/feeding methods; however just because an individual releases more farts than others doesn't imply any significant health concerns.

Fretting over your newborns freakishly farty demeanor? Trying out the listed at-home remedies might ensure optimal nappy-time experience for you as well.

Let just agree that we all have our peculiar gas-related reasons and enjoy some bathroom humor every once in a while!

Good night, sleep tight and mind those farts!

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