Breakouts: Pregnant or PMSing? Decoding the Signs

As women, we have to deal with a lot. Our hormones can go haywire for no apparent reason, and it often seems like our bodies are working against us. One of the most frustrating issues is breakouts - those painful red bumps that seem to pop up out of nowhere. But what do they really mean? Are you pregnant or PMSing? Let's dive into this issue and decode the signs together!

Breakouts: Pregnant or PMSing? Decoding the Signs

The Basics

Before we get started, let's establish some groundwork. We all know that our hormones play a significant role in how our bodies function but did you know they also play a significant role in terms of our skin health?

Did I say significance enough times here? Let me emphasize again; hormones play a SIGNIFICANT role in your skin health!

During pregnancy and periods alike, hormonal fluctuations happen across the board which would explain why changes like redness, pimples and dry patches on one’s face might start popping up.

So then what are some specific ways to tell if you're pregnant or just struggling through another damn period breakout?

1) Check for timing

It’s important to look at when these flare-ups begin because nobody wants any additional surprises during their already stressful week.

Typically though as far as menstrual cycles go, adult onset acne pops up (no pun intended...) around day two / three of your cycle due changing hormone levels giving way rise(?) producing oil-wealthy concentrated follicular glands inside hair shafts/clusters on facial areas particularly the chin plus jawline regions.

2) Look Out for Acne Location

There’s truth in where an outbreak appears that may lead discernment between being more inclined toward early maternity vs. dealing with unfair period-related symptoms.

For instance — think about blemishes & zits congregating around mostly chin and jawline areas, this is almost certain evidence of the latter.

On the other hand if it is majorly across forehead or opposite sides of cheekbones then there's a likelihood that you have got some baby on board!

3) Hormonal speak Loud & Clear

There are numerous (hormones) culprits at play when on subject of pregnancies breaking out so while hormones can be tricky to nail down sometimes there’s still a few key markers that savvy individuals need to know.

Progesterone levels become raised considerably while pregnant which leads to your body producing more skin oils as well; these might result in pimples appearing frequently overtime with further acne developing around fifth month time frame than during beginning stages.

Meanwhile estrogen remains an important hormone for moisturizing purposes which should make periods less harsh but occasionally rises up unexpectedly leading unfortunate acne breakouts too.

The Breakdown

Regardless if whether one has gone through countless menstrual issues before or is now expecting, skincare always proves critical within prevention measures against hormonal driven flare ups alike. While I don't claim to understand everything about science/medicine (who does really?) after doing research here's what I suggest:

1) Be mindful about what you're eating -

Unhealthy foods will only worsen symptoms try consuming diet rich instead choosing fibre-rich alternatives like broccoli. also cut back on sugary sweets since sugar actually feeds bacteria responsible for our existing breakouts!

2) A right skin care routing —from top down approach —

We wear makeup daily so providing relief by washing ones face regularly can eliminate burdened bacteria that clog pores aiding towards early morning mishaps thereafter . If already experiencing continuous bouts use gentle cleansers & oil-free moisturizers rather than ones containing common irritants preserving delicate facial layers.

3) Stay hydrated -

Because hydration plays important part as far nutrient transport and removal goes among many others things besides just plain old thirst quenching our parched summer-skin having a glass of water every so often will help regulate everything.

4) Stress management -

Looking for ways to decompress throughout hectic day-to-day activities may provide break through moments that release blemish forming tension within can occur. Methods include meditation, exercise routines, and trying taking few deep breaths it’s been scientifically proven doing these things releases happy hormone endorphins -- which'll make your body happier in the long-run!.

In Conclusion

In summary whether destined for parenthood or reaching out on period pains there's no lack of angst when encountering skin issues alongside household life happenings abound; from kids running around house chaotic fashion up until tomorrow morning during rush hour to stressing over finding right makeup solutions (that actually work!) along way... everyone knows what it feels like!

But take heart: with charts compiled guys by professionals together helpful tips provided & personal anecdotes all thrown in just because we’re this close (picture someone holding their thumb and index finger apart) — you've managed cope before now stuck dealing with breakout chaos too much beyond today.

Hopefully this guide helped somewhat as far providing clarity between perspectives regarding discomfort around those pesky acne flare-ups go!

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