Breast Health 101: How Should My Breast Feel?

Breast health matters, but no one talks about what's normal and what isn't. There are those who feel frightened simply walking into a breast clinic or talking to their doctors about their concerns. But trust me, there's nothing to worry about; we're here with our funny hats on to discuss breast health in human-like language so that you aren't confused or anxious.

Breast Health 101: How Should My Breast Feel?

Why Does Breast Health Matter Anyway?

As much as we try to avoid the reality, any wise person knows the best defense is always offense when it comes to your body. What better way can you protect yourself from cancer than by having an incisive knowledge of how your lady lumps should actually be like?

So How Exactly Should Those Bad Boys Ahem Girls Be Feeling Like?

Well, The answer may not be as straightforward as you might think. However, there are some basic guidelines that anyone hoping for healthy breasts and sexy curves (Pro tips lol) needs to follow:

Your Lumps Are Unique

Every girl’s boobs are different ya know! In fact; they show a range of shapes and sizes even in a single individual sometimes! That’s why determining how each lump should feel can vary between individuals drastically

Monthly Self-Exams Are Key

Contrary popular belief,you don’t have to keep watching doctor Pimple Popper every other week trying desperately mirror her diagnosing techniques.For most people knowing what's up in your chest region might just involve carrying out monthly self-examinations where you check yourself while lying down (taboo claps here pls).Fewer people May also perform standing examinations,but laying Down.On months however during which menstrual cycles occur purposes,A Weekly Examination could cut you some more slack at least knowing.. So Right She Said.Doctors’ reminder!

Make /sure/  to examine Yourself Around the Same Time Every Month

This ensures that you have a baseline of normality which enables you to tell whenever /somethings Off/ as some say.

What Are You Supposed To Be Feeling For?

Well, good news! Thanks to technology, early diagnosis of cancer saves more lives than it loses. When conducting self-examinations ,there are few things one May look for:

  • Changes in Size or Shape

  • Redness or itching on the nipples.

  • Lumps and bumps... Yes, don't panic yet; most lumps and bumps aren't malignant!

P.S if Anyone Has Read This article Thinking The Mention Of Itching Nipples Is Taboo :Bonus Points Awarded!!!


Breast health matters A LOT. Simply put: Get familiar with your girls; know what they should feel like at least once every month,and always remember any concerns can be addressed by a clinician because it’s never too late really!

That's all folks!

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