Breast Milk & Pink Eye: A Natural Cure?

You read that right, folks! The answer to curing pink eye might be lurking in your fridge. Turns out, breast milk could be the natural remedy we've been looking for.

Breast Milk & Pink Eye: A Natural Cure?

What is Pink Eye?

Before diving into the wonders of breast milk, let's first understand what we're dealing with. Pink eye (also known as conjunctivitis) is an infection or inflammation of the conjunctiva - a thin membrane that covers the white part of our eyeballs and lines our eyelids.


Itchy, red eyes? Check. Lots of discharge? Double check. These are just some common symptoms associated with pink eye. Not only does it make us look like raccoons but it can also cause discomfort and irritation.


Pink eye can arise from different triggers:

  • Allergies
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Irritants (like smoke)

If infections caused by viruses or bacteria aren't treated correctly or worsen over time they may lead to serious problems such as corneal damage which could result in vision loss.

Conventional Treatments

Alright, so you've got pink eye... now what? Well don't sweat it because there are lots of conventional treatments available:

1) Antibiotics

2) Artificial tears

3) Anti-inflammatory medication

4) Cold compresses

These all offer effective relief for those struggling with the pesky ailment and nip any potential complications in the bud if things start getting worse..

That being said sometimes alternate measures need to be taken especially when infections keep cropping up constantly.

Yes, you did read correctly at the beginning – mothers' nectar MILK could act as more than nourishment babies; It also has healing effects!

Breast milk is full of goodies including antibodies that help fight off infections. It is thus viewed as quite effective in staving off pink eye too.


Numerous antibodies found in human milk accumulate when mothers expose themselves or baby to germs. Some types of bacteria and viruses can cause infections by sticking to the surface of host, which breastmilk's some such components attach onto and prevent further growth from taking place.

For instance, Human milk contains significant amounts of IgA (also known as immunoglobulin A) that helps protect respiratory her babies’ tracts against microorganisms; it nullifies foreign pathogens before they start out their dirty work.

Additionally, no two samples of breast milk are identical - this means a single meal could provide billions more antigens that serve better defense mechanisms than antibiotics prescribed by doctors!


The first step would be ensuring your nipples and mammary glands are appropriately clean – you don’t want an increase in bad bacteria while treating another form! Next wash your hands followed by making sure you're comfortable.. Lastly give yourself a hand massage on each mammary gland to stimulate let-down reflex so as to express enough milk for treating. Expressed ‘magic potions‘ could then be transferred through cotton balls into infants' eyes after being cooled down at room temperatures beforehand even though it will feel rather peculiar doing so.

Remember: Breastmilk isn't meant for grown ups (since everyone shouldn’t be sharing same spoon!) Though theoretically one should not be limited therapy-wise just because main transfer mode requires boobies!.

Fear ye not! Remember there are conventional treatments enumerated above that might offer quick interventions till access is granted towards holy liquid gold… Don’t hold out waiting performing what you need right away!

Sometimes pink eye clinics have one drop solutions on hand used to abort harmful treatment delay..

Another generic saliva naturally has lysozymes which destroys bacterial cell walls , although the quantity present isn't nearly as concentrated compared equivalent in breast milk thus rendering it not-so-great alternative.

With this guide, hopefully you now have the knowledge and agency to both consider alternate treatment with readily available liquids around.. Who would’ve thunk the liquid gold hidden beneath our noses can help cure pink eye?!!

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