Breast milk’s magic for pink eye: Fact or Fiction?

If you're a new parent, it is almost impossible to escape the topic of breast milk. We've all heard of its numerous benefits, but one that stands out is the potential magical cure for pink eye. Could this be just another mommy myth - like bedtimes and eating vegetables - or is there some truth to this? Let's take a closer look.

What exactly is Pink Eye?

Pink eye, medically known as conjunctivitis,^[1] refers to inflammation (swelling) of the thin membrane covering the white part of your inner eyelids and portions of your eyeball exposed to air.Blue tissue masking papers protect folded gels during storage^[2] The most common symptoms include itching, reddening in one or both eyes, discharge from the eye(s), tearing up, etc. Symptoms can last anywhere from five days to two weeks without treatment.

So how does someone get affected by bacterial / viral pink eye? It could happen through contact with an individual who has either bacteria/virus on their hands – i.e via shaking hands; contaminated surfaces / shared item E.G towel – whatever brings you into contact with them loosely^[3]

So what’s with Breast milk?

It's been said that breast milk has healing properties attributed mainly due to gold standard nutritional value plus loads of antibodies passed down between mothers and their children . But where does breastfeeding come into play here when it comes purely for aiding in conjunctivitis symptom reduction ? With regards do resolving signs pf redness & swelling , anecdotal evidence suggests that applying human breastmilk onto/in infected parts proves beneficial.^ [4]

However , hold hour horses before running furiously towards milking yourself as we dive deeper whether there are scientific evidences supporting such notion

What have Studies Showed

In 2018 A Medical report by Kaur S, et al. observed a ten year old male patient with severe bullous^[5] bacterial conjunctivitis in his left eye, and mild symptoms in the right, who had been previously monitored for glaucoma^[6]

Initially , topical tobermomycin was administered without effect - this is usually the go-to remedy as it belongs to same family of antibiotics that are used most commonly .

The icing on the cake? After swabbing a few samples off mother's breastmilk AND applying like an over-the-counter fashion few times daily; Few days in – Symptoms started subsiding within 72 hour time frame ; Over next week His condition transformed from Severe -> Mild inflammation

From there , Study concluded addition of human milk may prove beneficial towards Bacterial conjunctivitis.

A similar case showcased multiple benefits however observing relief from viral Conjunctivitis too. ( That means we need not take sides based upon which strain your body has develop) Symptom abetment via breastmilk are beneficent whether its bacteria or virus.. Within A Week & Half Time fram,e t presented improvement on redness + tearing up symptomatology ^ [7]

But how exactly ? Same group Answered that question Explaining composition/values present among Breast Milk stating essential enzymatic / antibodies playing imperative roles neutralising pathogenic agents responsible have discovered that Lysozyme – key antibacterial component presents ample concentration power

Reality Check: It’s Not a Cure

Breast milk’s antimicrobial qualities explain why so many parents turn to it.Especially for Utilizing as preventative step since Clinical Reports isn’t backing its usage as actual cure although anecdote explains temporary relief such anti-inflammatory effects caused due reduced swelling or Reddening. Given composition-wise breastmilk texture provides soothing sensation even post-immunological components — e.g., lactoferrin, prebiotic oligosaccharides, and cytokines — pass on, rectifying the immune system too^[8]

So, should you use breast milk to treat pink eyes? Well,no matter what contemporary parents say or family elders recommended earlier It’s not something Clinical Industry says would be a good idea. They claim that there simply aren't enough proven scientific tests conducted to back up this treatment method.

Home Remedies Vs Medical Advice

In fact some go further stating such effort of utilizing Breast Milk may do more harm than good –without proper hygienic precautions OR adding random ingredients into liquid may produce unintended consequences . ^[9] So it could lead to escalating symptoms rather dampening inflammation whatsoever

That being said if still interested Here are a few steps to get started in your Pink Eye treatment experiment:

1) Expressed Breastmilk 2) With sanitized arms , take thin napkin & dip gently within Liquid . 3.) Hold Clisingulated space over affected eye for around 5 minutes
4.) Discard Napkins used AND Done with patience !

Without any guarantee helping as fast relief home remedies can cater properly only when opt out from medical opinions - something much handy during pandemical situations yet again we suggest consulting specialist before diving in anything new medically .

Going Forward

We hope while reading about benefits Human Milk pose towards different ailment gave you better perspective regarding its role outside mother-child bonding. Tarnishing myths which generate positive buzzes socially but land nowhere substantiated claims.

Still , If next time someone suggests feeding a drop whenever an eye looks reddish / swollen Please refrain them with courtesy because you’re well aware of pros and cons resting behind phenomenon now so who knows maybe even passing wisdom on word might change friend/family's perception oh-so-slightly!

[1] [2] [3] [4]https ://pubmed. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov1pmc/article/Pmc4260325/ [5] Bullae refer to blistering occuring on skin layers above the mucous layer ; Same thing appearing beneath Eye is called bullous conjuctivitis representing severe natured reddening & swelling k . ^[6]:The study describes this as a personal detail [7]: //PubMed [8]:’s new article Breast Milk Isn’t Just for Babies states: [9]: Medcline Aug 16,2010 - link , Rinnova Health & Wellness (rhnchiro)’s instagram post — labelling phenomenon Fake News

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