Bundle Up baby: How Many Diapers in Honest Bundle Size 2?

As a new parent, the number of diapers you need to buy can be daunting. You don't want to run out and end up with a dirty-diapered baby on your hands. But, you also don't want to have tons of unused extra diapers laying around either.

Bundle Up baby: How Many Diapers in Honest Bundle Size 2?

That's where Honest Bundle comes in! The size 2 bundle has a range of diaper options that are ideal for babies who weigh between 12-18 lbs (5-8 kg) and have solid poop. In this article, we'll delve into how many diapers come in a bundle, what types are included, average usage length per bag amongst other details.

What Comes in an Honest Bundle Size 2?

An Honest bundle is carefully curated by eco-conscious experts which prioritize safe living essentials for families around the world. The size two honest package has multiple varieties within it:

  • Super Club box (246)
  • Giant Box (160)
  • Big Packs(68)

If you're wondering about costs - Hold tight as we will have those numbers shortly!

Different Types Of Diapers Within A Box

It's not just one type of diaper that would be inside-the-nest☯️of this eco-friendly product line. A mom said "There were approx five different designs for each bag." One such variety is nighttime ones designed especially with heavy-duty absorbency keeping your mini-me dry all night ????and allowing them more peaceful sleep???? while giving their guardians peace-of-mind????

Some other options available when buying the diaper bundles include plain white backpacks or fun prints adorned with cute motifs like animals???? or flowers????

How Many Are Included?

Have no fear panicked parents❗ We’re sure:- Each box may seem like it has way too many but BREATHE because there are many uses for them!

  • Super Club box (246) Average use time: 5 months
  • Giant Box (160) Average use time: 3 months
  • Big Packs(68) Average use time: a little over a month

While these numbers may seem overwhelming, your baby's diaper usage will vary depending on how often they go to the bathroom and what types of diapers are needed for different situations.

Cost of an Honest Bundle Size 2?

Now down to brass tacks!???? The price tag is always on everyone’s mind when contemplating purchases. But we understand that as parents there is already so much going on hence making those decisions can be tough☹️.

Here is quick rundown (Note prices subject to market fluctuation):

  • Super Club box costs roughly $117.
  • Giant Box comes it at approximately $70.
  • While a big pack typically retails for about $29

How Much Can You Save by Choosing Diaper Bundles Rather Than Individual Packages?

Well, let us provide some comforting stats dear friends????. Buying diapers in bundles saves you lots of money ????compared to buying each one individually.This does make it worth trying out this brand's eco products????.

Why Choose Honest Diapers Anyways?

The honest company has carved itself as the safe choice when it comes to skin-friendly innovative diapering essentials™. The ecological impact left during production cannot go without mentioning with their sustainability certified factories.

Not sure if its right for your bundle-of-love yet, ponder upon these points:

Eco-Friendly ✔️

Natural absorbent cores made from sustainable materials give off fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional petroleum-based inner lining options found in other conventional brands???? Thus smaller carbon footprint saving our ???? planet!.


Dermatologists approved, The Honest Company promises to keep your baby's skin safe and healthy with no harsh chemicals????.

Size Specifications And Safety✔️

The bundle size is specially designed for babies weighing about 12-18lbs with mesh inserts which enhance breathability reducing the risk of rashes or chafing that is common in improperly sized products.

Final Thoughts On How Many Diapers Come In An Honest Bundle of Size Two!

To conclude this funny yet informative article we hope you have an understanding on the different types of diapers available within a box, how many are included based upon which style and roughly what it could cost!????

Also if its a concern at all… can you trust this brand????? You best believe it through industry certification as well as fulfillment checks. Hence giving them our stamp-of-approval™️¯(ツ)

It's important to note; Your personalized consumption may vary before needing another fresh package delivered right at your doorstep from ordering one today!

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