Bye-Bye Baby Face: Tips for a More Mature Look

Are you tired of being mistaken for a 16-year-old even though you're pushing your thirties? Do people often ask what grade you're in when you're trying to buy alcohol? Fear not, my youthful friend. With these tips and tricks, we'll help give you the mature look that will make everyone wonder if maybe they should be asking YOU for ID.

Bye-Bye Baby Face: Tips for a More Mature Look

Dress Your Age

It's time to say goodbye to those graphic t-shirts with juvenile slogans on them. While there may have been a time where they screamed "cool," that thing is now over. It's hello dress shirts, tailored suits, and loafers (NOT sneakers!). Don't forget about accessorizing! A watch can always add sophistication to any outfit – just don’t rock something pink like Kim Kardashian’s Hublot Big Bang watch.

Say Goodbye To Heavy Foundation

As much as makeup may do miracles, it can just as easily defeat the purpose too - especially when attempting that middle-aged sophisticated look so many are going gaga over lately. The thicker the foundation application becomes on baby faces; it will only highlight negative round features further (from crow’s feet around the eyes). Ladies (and non-ladies), try switching from heavy foundations to tinted moisturizers or natural finishes such as BB cream which gives an all-rounded nutrition to keep beauty at bay even without touching up!

Get The Right Hairstyle

Long gone are the days of boyish ponytails or funky short cuts left behind in your childhood album full of terrible fashion mistakes! It's important now more than ever before getting good haircuts by addressing hair-typing explicitly enough beforehand until deciding how long/short bangs shouldn't fall across mouths because sometimes doing things differently leads down paths one never expected.

Eyebrows Matter

Babies’ face type seems to give way for a more shapely eyebrow line. However, this is no longer the case when trying to achieve a mature look which demands an arched pair of brows that would have even Brooke Shields envious.

Whiten Your Teeth

Studies regularly show -- people perceive good dental hygiene as a sign of maturity. It doesn't matter how old you are, your pearly whites will always be one of the first things someone takes into account when guessing age (sometimes in place of their glasses!) So brush those teeth twice daily and also try adding both custom trays bleaching practices like Zoom! or sulfate-free whitening toothpaste brands such as Hello.

Work On Posture

The unfortunate truth about body language is it screams out. Make sure to sit up straight at all times - pretending there's something on your chair does wonders here). Standing tall with squared shoulders was not only beneficial for aesthetic purposes but brings positive changes in mental states by reducing stress!

Change Up The Smell Good Routine

When we smell like teens/children still experimenting with sugary fruity perfumes, there’s hardly anything sophisticated going on around us; opt-in instead for some more musky scents (such as sandalwood) that fools everyone nearby into thinking themselves privileged spectators at NYFW runways!

Timing Is Everything

Ultimately leading us towards adulthood means establishing self-discipline concerning time management skills too – don’t worry if the skill set isn't so hot right now though because we’ve got tips aplenty bottled up between Jeff Bezos’ and Bill Gates’ approach come festival seasons beforehand:-)

  1. Create A Schedule: Allot specific times each day dedicated to working/studying/etc.
  2. Avoid Procrastination!: Create set deadlines and stick closely through them until transpiring events have finally materialized themselves via final project submissions happen!
  3. Take Breaks Regularly & Often.: Stepping away from screens helps you recharge your batteries so that when we come back, our productivity levels soar to greater lengths.

Accessorize Tastefully

As mentioned earlier – accessorizing with a watch can add the oomph factor but there are other ways such as elongated earrings or brooches on suit lapel, which work wonders too.

Take Care Of Your Skin

We all know that one person who looks ten years older than they should be—that's because their skin has more wrinkles and pores. But don't worry; it isn’t too late for us! Start by drinking plenty of water daily (two litres or eight glasses) which will keep our skin hydrated enough while simultaneously getting rid of toxins stored indoors via different means like sweating mechanism exported from within a regular workout routine’s itinerary).

To further extend your regimen limits till after cleansing foam cleansers swept through then go forth amidst toners followed up later stages if needed like moisturizers/serums employing retinoids found betterous age reversing track records. Betwixt these skincare steps taking place twice daily preclude sun exposure simply applying sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving indoor quarters until returning outside again just cover exposed parts bare minimum!

Say No To Youthful Colours!

Wearing colours usually associated with childishness won't do anything to help you in achieving a mature look - good news is black never goes outta style. So instead dress yourself in bold hues Black( Including dark greys), rich reds & burgundies—basically any shades conveying shades conveying emotional depth over superficiality & "cute-appeals."

At the end of this article, remember to value yourselves still despite faults along way realizing merit lies within each person having something intrinsically unique about themself deserving recognition/accolade plus everyone possessing certain strengths considered invaluable traits essential contributing societal growth rather limiting us from unlocking potential opto-stressing ourselves out becoming entangled within external metrics heavy on perfectionism aspect wholly.

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