Bye-Bye Baby Hair: Easy Tips to Remove

Are you tired of seeing your precious baby's hair all over the place? Are you constantly finding their fallen hair strands in everything from your carpet to your soup (ew)? Worry not, dear reader! We have got some fabulous tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you get rid of that pesky baby hair once and for all!

Bye-Bye Baby Hair: Easy Tips to Remove

Why Do Babies Shed Hair?

First things first - why does this even happen? Well, just like us grown-ups, babies also shed their hair regularly as a natural part of their growth process. However, unlike adults who shed about 100 hairs per day on average, babies can lose up to 300 hairs a day! That's probably more than what's currently living on your head right now.

When Does It Stop?

Don't worry if it seems like it'll never end. The shedding will eventually slow down as they grow older and develop those luscious locks we're all envious of.

How to Tackle Those Stray Hairs

Now let's get into the real meat-and-potatoes of this article - how do we remove that stubborn baby hair without pulling out their scalp or causing any harm?

Brush Their Hair Often

It might seem counterintuitive but brushing your baby’s hair helps prevent breakage while stimulating blood flow around the follicles which can lead... (wait for it) better-hair-growth. Of course too much brushing may result in split ends so be mindful when brushing.

One secret tool many parents swear by is using soft-bristled brushes or even using an infant comb which has finer teeth specially designed for detangling without harming sensitive baby scalps.

Olive Oil Goodness!

Calling out all Italians; olive oil isn’t only meant for cooking pasta dishes anymore! This wondrous wonder-oil helps soften scalp to ease the hairs' release which can make it easier for your followers to...sorry, I pull out any loose hair.

Just warm up a bit of olive oil in your hands and gently massage into their scalp. Wait for about 15 minutes or so before carefully detangling with a soft-bristled brush.

Don't Forget Infused Oil

Another amazing home remedy that parents have been using is infused oils! For this method, you'll want to take chamomile flowers & rosemary stems (yes; we went there) and add them into some coconut oil. Cook over low heat until the ingredients become one delicious smelling mix then allow it to cool down completely.

Once settled; lather onto baby's scalp & wait at least an hour before washing off. This nourishing infusion will not only soften their remaining hair but will also promote growth meaning they'll be sporting a full head of luxurious locks in no time!

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

As mentioned earlier shedding baby hair may be perfectly normal yet there are ways we can reduce how frequently our abodes look like tumbleweed just passed through restocking Bayou Bobs’ on its way leaving every surface covered in mane-massacre evidence

Fewer Clothes Changes Equals Less Shedding

It may seem obvious but reducing frequent wardrobe changes = less shedding because when putting clothes on/off often unknowingly allows stray strands from escaping isolation as everything comes dislodged during change-time chaos-mode causing carpet/clothes/chairs/underwear alike all falling suspect whilst assuming their new role: fur-coat substitute...

Pro Tip - Try opting for snap-closure onesies rather than outfits with multiple items thus....(hang-on...more Italian?) sagging pants syndrome! Means less areas where those pesky hairs can hang on too tight making cleaning process more effective!

Drying Hair Properly Is Also Key

Ah those fresh-out-of-the-bath moments! Few things are more adorable than babies wrapped up in fluffy towels, right? However emerging from bath time must come next step of...drying that cute-as-a-button head of theirs.

One way again much like aforementioned brush ritual is to carefully pat-dry their hair gently with a towel or letting it air-dry before tackling the knot frenzy again.

Endearing as it may be and trust me this is spoken with 100% admiration; those Mohawk-like styles created during drying process can also not only be just what they don't want but send them into meltdown mode so less traction & tugging achieved through patting motions there too!

Baby Hats To The Rescue

Not only do cute baby hats give your little one a fashion statement but they serve an extra purpose - catch loose hairs! This method mostly applies when you’re out and about (great for outdoor walks) or even at home where dust can travel faster than sound thus enter said hat aka hair-catcher extraordinaire.

And we’re not saying your offspring will turn heads due to the funky looking Q-Tip look - let's say you'll have some good talking points while getting stopped by passersby admiring your babies’ captivating ensemble choices!

Wrap-Up Time

Baby Hair shedding? No problemo! With these tips and tricks mentioned above, we're sure you'll find yourself enjoying fewer hairy pillows & carpets sooner rather than later. Remember to handle scalp area gently, go for natural ingredients if possible (they never let us down), use soft-bristled brushes/infant combs or better yet hasten full locks growth through special olive/coconut oil infusions. Until next time folks; happy parenting!!

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