‘Bye Bye Baby Teeth: Creative Uses for Fallen Chompers’

When little children begin to lose their baby teeth, it's an exciting time for them. They get excited to put the tooth under the pillow in hopes of a visit from the Tooth Fairy who will tuck some cash underneath.

But what happens once they have collected all their baby teeth? Do they just throw them away? Absolutely not! There are plenty of creative uses for those fallen chompers that are far more interesting than leaving them in a drawer somewhere.

Here are some ideas on what you can do with children's discarded baby teeth:

Transform Them Into Jewelry

Yes, you read it right! You can create jewelry out of those tiny little things. The most common types of jewelry made from extracted or donated body parts include necklaces and earrings; this results in designing unique enamel pendants by stringing all your child’s lost milk pearls together!

Materials Needed: - Several decaying pearls - Beading wire or sturdy fishing line - Small pliers - Earring hooks

Process: 1) Start by rinsing off any debris found on your pulse. 2) Cut a piece of beading wire long enough to accommodate threading each pearl onto it. 3) Bend one end over to make sure the first drilled pearl won’t fall off as you work. 4) Thread silicone stops before each bead added until finish threading last pearl (make sure adding two stops at ends). 5) Rustle up earring-holding hardware and use small pliers to fix metallic pins through already existing drill holes. 6) Add jump rings that attach hook fitting onto where threads stop symmetrically.

Now style yourself trendy ice-breaker earrings with your kid’s sheddings hanging down!

Make A Scrapbook With Your Children

Keeping track of cherished moments is important for both adults and kids alike, but regular photo albums aren’t the only way to do it. Create a scrapbook specifically for tooth collecting and memories with your little ones!

Materials Needed: - A Memory book - Adhesive or double-sided tape - Scrap paper or any coloring material

Process: 1) Create dividers within pages of memory book assigning areas such as personal information gathering moments, teeth dropping incidents, customized quotes. 2) Use adhesive area designations setting little baby teeth on appropriate commemorating places where solemn faces show no fear towards creatures that partake in their visits at night. 3) Supplement these sections using drawing and pre-made elements by allowing them to sparkle while adding aesthetic appeal to all attended events.

Once completed you have an un-easily achievable “My Third Molar Scavenger Hunt” album that is treasured by each family member!

Turn Them Into Art Pieces

Get creative and use those tiny teeth for fun arts & crafts projects. Believe us, there's more than one idea when it comes to this usage!

Here are some ideas for art pieces:

Shadow Boxes:

Materials Needed: -Shadowbox frame -Lined paper cut into sections marking each seized premises of ex-milk incisors

Process: 1) Accumulate every single bleached ivory your child has lost! 2) Arrange neatly sorted out segments of petrified calcium phosphate onto background display markings you can position inside shadow-box’s glass panel framing. 3) Add extra filler objects if preferred (e.g feathers,sand,paint,tiny ornaments etc). 4) After completely filling gaps to achieve artistic image opening up sides remove folded tabs back in place assembling finished outlook overall.

You now have an amazing piece uniquely designed toward displaying their dental milestones.

Sculpture Projects:

Materials Needed: -Twist ties/22 gauge wire/glue gun/clay-based putty

Process: 1)Before starting step process lay down all tools needed above component. 2)Take about 10-15 discarded milk pearlies and bend them together around a sturdy food wire. 3) Use hot glue where the wires intertwine to keep it in place. 4) Repeat same procedure till desired shape is achieved, before moving on to next step; which will be using some clay-based putty creating final grout with white powder styling finish! 5) Allow plenty of time for both paint and material pieces completely dry.

Congrats! You now have an austere sculpted masterpiece that you can display proudly in your living room, attracting attention from every corner without anyone knowing its uniqueness!!

Create A Game For Your Kids

Do your children forget where they found their lost teeth? Why not make identifying them more fun by creating a “Where’s Waldo” type game but instead calling it “Where Is My Molar?”

If children are struggling to find their missing body features try assigning certain colors for each particular tooth. Overtime kids will get accustomed associating different colored chompers with lost teeth, hence enabling you easily establishing provided range!


All the ideas above seem like great ways of honoring those tiny little chompers – we’re sure this article gave been a new perspective on something most folks may find quite morbid or gross turning into an aesthetic marvel!

Remember: Next time one is being gifted those so-called 'biological waste products', consider preserving related elements utilizing these methods mentioned here rather than put away blindly and wasting an otherwise cherished memory!!

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