Bye Bye Breast Engorgement: Tips to Stop the Swell

It's been a few days since you brought your little angel into this world and they're already ruling your life. Your daily routine has become 'feed, burp, sleep, repeat'. But amidst all this joy and madness is an uncomfortable problem that many new mothers face - breast engorgement.

Bye Bye Breast Engorgement: Tips to Stop the Swell

Breast engorge-what?

Breast engorgement happens when the milk-producing tissue in your breasts fills up with too much milk, making them hard, swollen and painful.

If you're going through it right now (or have in the past), don't worry - we've got tips to help relieve the swelling so you can focus on more important things... like getting some sleep!

1. Nurse Regularly

The early bird gets fed

There's no such thing as overfeeding a newborn. The more often you nurse, the less likely it is that your breasts will feel like boulders.

Make sure to alternate sides during feedings to ensure both breasts get emptied out equally.

2. Massage Your Breasts

Knead away those worries

Massaging your breasts might sound like a luxury but in this case, it’s a necessity! Massage from outer edges inward toward areola – use light pressure only (like if you were tapping fingers rapidly). This will prevent any further inflammation of tender tissues due to excessive force applied while kneading.

Ahh feels good doesn’t it?

3. Use Hot or Cold Compresses

Don't let those frozen vegetables go unused!

Cold compresses can reduce swelling; warm ones stimulate blood flow aiding lactation ejection reflex ; used alternatively at intervals throughout nursing sessions put these two alternative measures option inti effect !

Pro-tip: Gel packs seem better than actual peas...

Pros Cons
Non-messy Can't eat them afterwards
Reusable Just not as funny

4. Check Your Pump


A malfunctioning pump can make milk extraction challenging and may even contribute to engorgement, so ensure your equipment is working optimally!

If you have insurance, most cover brand new pumps claiming that the first one belongs to a museum.

5. Try Hand Expression

You don’t need elaborate tools !

Thumb on top of breast & fingers below . Support the actual glandular tissue between your fingers along with applying rhythmic massage forcing that liquid gold out waltzing away any lumps while doing so ; this will also help increase supply .

Tip: Place warm towel before HS in order to stimulate let down reflux , works like a charm !

6. Don't Skip Feedings

FOMO applies here too

Missed feedings could result in greater swelling - and this doesn’t apply just for the baby’s benefit but yours as well!. However, if you still feel your breasts are uncomfortable once feeding finishes sprinkling some salt over them makes it easier.

Side note: That last sentence was completely false – DO NOT follow up on that comedic advice (we’re serious!)

7 Drink More Water

Hydration station!

Moisturizing keeps our skin type supple ensuring elasticity and reducing breakouts; for lactating women hydration should be bumped up commensurate with physical exertion because there wont be enough tears regarding neglect caused from an involuntary dried-up state!

So drink more water (even if it's flavored water) unless tap has jinx all nutrients off! Fine print : Sip carefully slowly.

We hope these tips keep pumping until things improve! Keep nursing regularly, regularly accessing the functionality of used pumping machinery, using hot and cold compresses accordingly, staying hydrated by increasing your water intake during lactation bouts etc...

But above all else;

Take care of yourself.

In the end a happy mother favors both for her own mental health and thus a blissful bonding experience with newborn.

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