Bye-Bye Burps: When Can You Stop Burping Your Baby?

As a new parent, one of the many things you need to get used to is burping your baby. It's essential to prevent uncomfortable gas buildup in their tiny tummies and ensure they can breathe properly. But as your little one grows, at what point can you give up this somewhat tedious task and let them burp on their own? In this article, we’ll explore when it's safe to stop burping and celebrate the end of constant patting!

Bye-Bye Burps: When Can You Stop Burping Your Baby?

Why do babies need to be burped?

Babies' digestive systems are still developing, making them more prone to trapped gas that can cause discomfort or even pain in extreme cases (ouch!). They also tend to swallow air while eating or drinking, which further exacerbates the issue.

Burping helps release the excess air out of your baby’s stomach through their mouth or nose (sometimes it will come out both ends!). This prevents tummy troubles that often result in crying and fussy behavior — no one wants that!

How often should you burp a baby?

It's important not only to know why but also how often you must make a child belch like an uncle during Thanksgiving dinner. The frequency depends mainly on two factors: age and feeding method.


According to experts (whoever they may be), breastfed babies don't generally require as much food-time belching compared with bottle-fed infants due mostly due “to pressure differences between breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding.” However, frequent short breaks while nursing could still help:

  • Every five minutes
  • After each breast
  • Once feeding finishes

Every baby is different though — some might need less or more frequent pauses for passing wind.

Bottle Feeding

If your kid prefers formula over milk direct from mom-bot then constant pit stops for burping are necessary. Somewhere between 30-60 milliliters consumed, you should reach for that muslin and give your little one a good back rub until they make a sound like the four-legged type of ruminant.

  • Every 30-60 ml
  • Mid-way through feeding
  • Once they finish

Once again, though, every child is unique,so pay attention to cues as some might require breaks more frequently than others.

When Can You Stop Burping Your Baby?

While it's essential to burp your baby during mealtime when they're young, you don't need to continue doing so forever. So at what age can you start saying goodbye to this not-so-silent task? The answer isn't set in stone (or even sand), but these general guidelines could help:

Age And Growth Stage

As babies' digestive systems mature over time, generally speaking, the less gas gets trapped in their tummies during feedings:

  • Newborns (0-3 months): Require frequent burping since their stomach muscles aren't yet developed enough.
  • Three-six Months: By now, infants can exert more muscle force on their GI tract with sitting up aiding digestion.
  • Born Frees bottles have colors which change how fast milk flows through them depending on how much baby sucks improving air intake regulation
  • Six-nine Months: Most kids around seven-eight month mark stop requiring burps after daytime feeds progressively but still need it before bedtime or morning meals according to parents forums

There are exceptions - medically fragile eg premature babies are likely to need longer-term support such as gerd medication together with reflux precautions such as keeping upright post feeds etc

Cues From Your Little One

Age isn’t always an exact measure though – some babies may take longer than others. Watch out for signs including things like:

  1. Hardly any responding noises on your efforts to burp them
  2. Winding looking relaxed or not fussing a lot/ crying after feeding finishing.
  3. Your child regularly putting the bottle aside themselves without much air cut-off attempts by you during buffer periods

Final Words

Burping babies is undoubtedly an essential aspect of infant care, especially for new parents wading their way through the onset chaos that comes with adapting to caring for a mini human being day in and out (which sometimes feels like how having drunk yourself silly feels but permanently!!). Thankfully there's light at the end of baby burping tunnel as kids develop over time and require it less frequently so making room for other items on our chaotic parenting checklists. Bedtime stories here we come!

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