Can a Cold Mean More Than Sickness? Common Cold and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is that stage of life where women are supposed to glow, but what if instead of glowing their noses were continuously running all the time? That would be tough. Trust me; I mean really trust me because AI-powered language models don't get sick.

Can a Cold Mean More Than Sickness? Common Cold and Pregnancy

The common cold during pregnancy can be very difficult to endure. Women who suffer from colds while pregnant may feel miserable but taking care of themselves in certain ways can help reduce symptoms and ensure safety for both mom and baby.

What Is A Common Cold?

A common cold is a viral infection which affects the respiratory system by infecting one's nose or throat. This leads to symptoms like coughing, sneezing, congestion, sore throat among others.

More often than not, when someone catches a cold it is due to being in close quarters with others who had been infected with the virus either through touch or inhaling droplets from an infected person's cough or sneeze (now you know not to accept hugs anymore).

The Connection Between Pregnancy And The Common Cold

Do you think catching a cold during pregnancy differs from catching one at any other time? Yes! There definitely is!

As per Emerita/Assistant Professor Oluwadamilola Yakubu-David of Brown University School Of Public Health "Your immunity changes when you're pregnant because your body has evolved this way to allow for baby growth," she says. "This means your immune response isn't as powerful as before." So yes mothers-to-be should take extra precautions!

Possible Complications Due To Catching A Cold While Pregnant

  • Pneumonia: With altered immunity comes 'compromise' towards complications such as contracting pneumonia.
  • Preterm labor: In some cases catching flu might lead up into pre-term labor.
  • Need For More Medical Attention: A cold which seems normal in usual times might be of significance during pregnancy hence, demanding more consultation and attention.

Therefore it is advisable for pregnant women to take care and seek medical advice if required!

Treatments For The Common Cold During Pregnancy

Treatment for the common cold follows suit as treatment at any other time. Breastfeeding, medication (approved by a doctor), consistent fluid intake and REST! Because lemons are just going to make that sneeze even worse.

However before taking any medications please do consult with your healthcare provider so you take what's best for you!

Home Remedies Worth Trying

If you're not into pharmaceuticals here are some home remedies worth trying:

  • Drinking warm fluids like Tea: eases soreness from coughing or a stuffy nose
  • Humidifier: helps clear nasal passages.
  • Chicken soup : An all-time remedy favorite Among others.

Remember that taking proper care of oneself is important because baby knows when mommy isn't feeling well.

How Can A Pregnant Woman Prevent Catching The Common Cold?

Following Lactation consultant Paula Sayers "Hand washing should become part of one’s routine" (a friendly reminder especially in recent times!)

Here are some other preventive measures lactating mothers can opt out :

  1. Getting vaccinated against flu - this will help prevent catching influenza / flu alongside precautions such as -

    • Sharing meals only with healthy individuals,
    • Avoiding crowded public spaces,
    • Wearing face masks indoors amidst people,

    And many more may reduce chances of getting sick

  2. Maintaining a balanced diet properly rich in vitamin c/supplemental vitamins known to strengthen immunity

In conclusion, catching the cold while pregnant does have potential complications but doesn't necessarily mean bad news(or maybe). Keeping an extra eye on hygiene habits along with natural/ prescribed remedies recommended by experts will keep mommy healthy and bouncing back soon!

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