Checking for Baby Bumps: How to Feel Your Stomach to See if Pregnant

Are you feeling a bit weird lately? Have you stopped drinking coffee and alcohol or are suddenly nauseous on long car rides? If so, congratulations! You may be pregnant. But before you start making maternity wear shopping lists, it's important to determine whether or not there is actually a baby growing inside of you. Here are some tips on how to check for baby bumps.

Checking for Baby Bumps: How to Feel Your Stomach to See if Pregnant

Start with the Basics

Let's cover some basics first because let’s face it – nobody wants to look like an amateur in front of their gynecologist!! First, make sure that your hands and index fingers are clean, have trimmed nails and no jewelry should be worn. Don't use fake nails as they tend not only contaminate but also break easily under pressure when checking for bumps which would render them unworthy. Second, grab hold of your belly with both hands; yes ladies just as Donut King says “grab life by the donuts,'' grasp firmly around your abdomen from top to bottom.

Tips For Positioning Yourself

When most women feel bloated, they naturally suck in their stomachs.. Do Not do this while trying out these techniques below else we might end up checking tortillas instead of bouncing buns [Hey! We did warn you about our humor]. LOL!

1) Stand Straight; Feet shoulder-width apart; 2) Bend slightly over backward so that there's enough tension surrounding the abdominal area, 3) Pull in abs & flex core muscles like never before ;-D

Now comes The Fun Part!!!

Let The Check Begin!

There are various methods that doctors suggest performing during pregnancy tests including blood test urine analysis among others. Fundamental way center around abdominally palpating (that's just medical jargon meaning gently touching areas around the stomach). And it isn’t all rocket science ladies, so let’s dive into the different methods:

The Spoon Method

Imagine you are a warm spoon, yep you heard that right, haha! Ok now rest it on your belly and feel around. Nobody wants lukewarm porridge just like no one needs a baby bump which is also so identified as ‘big.’ Therefore while using this method use just enough pressure to conduct inspection but not too much so that it doesn’t bounce back (You do remember what we meant by big bumps – Don't Be That Girl).

The Pinching Technique

Think of yourself as an expert chef trying to get the perfect tactile measurement when preparing dinner. Imagine pinchig dough for pie crusts or pastry squares.....Same here! Gently “Pinch” sections of your belly between your two fingers starting at navel area and moving slowly outward.

Fist Barbecue

Now don't panic– there's no fire involved in this technique- Thank Goodness for that!! Just make a fist with one hand before smoothing over areas diagonally across after feeling hard mass straight down from where ribs meet; needless to say-being gentle here can be expected!!

When checking for those pregnancy curves performance really matters- and whilst you might want to invite Sir Isaac Newton over to explain their scientific reasoning behind balanced movement calculations, its easier than calculating whether your spouse was sick on last night’s Chinese takeout order.. LOL!

When To Check?

Most women start noticing changes sometime during their 2nd month-6th month range even though some lucky ones detect earlier!. So if possible try performing these movements regularly around weeks 4 – 5,

Another important point must note is the Periodical Tenderness Precaution: If experience any tenderness or shooting pains while conducting check-ups accompany by spottings afterward(s). You should immediately contact doctor because hey guys we warned about handling gently right?

It does take time! Let’s be practical, Rome wasn’t built-in-a-day folks and checking bump progress shouldn't be expected to be underplayed or rushed. So ladies let’s remind ourselves that a healthy pregnancy is a marathon- not a sprint!; Therefore set weekly inspection interval days for yourself as this will ensure you don't have any false positives!!

Additionally in the case where all palpations prove tricky it might indicate either abdominal muscles are resistant/slackened (typical postpartum symptom), crazy bloated tummy or maybe even there isn’t actually pregnant.. But thanks to us now Everything Shines As Clear As Daylight ;-).

Wrapping Up

When you want to prepare for being pregnant by inspecting for baby bumps with your stomach, there certainly are many techniques that can help. After confirming pregnancy - start taking care of you because little feet make giant footprints.

By following these methods outlined above check safely whether new life has made its way inside of you.

Yes, ladies we did mention pizza toppings & Iron Chef skills – why?, quite simply because humour helps reduce stress levels attached during such situations allowing one to feel relaxed- after-all no one likes going through tough time alone right?

Thankfully with our advice– You Will Never Have To!

Congratulations Mommies-To-be 😉

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