Cheers or Tears? Can You Drink While Breastfeeding

Moms have to make a lot of sacrifices. One of the things that is most difficult for some moms is giving up drinking while breastfeeding. The debate over whether it's okay to drink while nursing has been ongoing for years, and there seems to be no end in sight.

Cheers or Tears? Can You Drink While Breastfeeding

So what's the verdict? Should you crack open a beer or pour yourself a glass of wine during those late-night feedings, or should you stick to juice and water?

Here’s everything you need to know about drinking alcohol while breastfeeding – cheers!

What happens when you drink alcohol while breastfeeding?

When I say “alcohol,” I’m not talking about just one type of beverage. Drinking can include beer, wine, liquor (including cocktails), daiquiris, martinis, sangria…you get the idea.

Alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream quickly after consumption - this means that drinking even small amounts will pass through breast milk too which could affect your little one’s behavior at best and harm their development at worst. Alcohol level peak in 30-60 minutes post-consumption. Although our livers are designed to process out any booze we consume, small babies cannot do so sooner.

If your baby drinks milk containing alcohol, they'll sleep sounder than usual but wake more frequently with food cravings triggered by drops in blood sugar(that’s right). On the odd occasion where mothers go overboard on alcoholic beverages they may see marked changes such as crying jags from colic-like discomforts shown by an irritable tummy.

In short: Always weigh-up carefully before making decisions for sober-feasible alternatives much like taking breaks off hosting parties.

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