Cheers to a Healthy Pregnancy: What to Drink When Pregnant

If you're pregnant, congratulations are in order! Your body is now responsible for helping create and grow another human being. As if going through such an amazing process wasn't enough, your diet will now need to change too (as if pregnancy cravings weren't hard enough already!).

Cheers to a Healthy Pregnancy: What to Drink When Pregnant

But don't worry, we are here to help! In this article, we'll discuss what beverages you can safely consume during pregnancy so that both you and your baby stay healthy.

Why Do I Need To Be Careful About Drinks During Pregnancy?

First and foremost, what you consume affects the growth of the little miracle inside of you (or miracles depending on how many bundles of joy were swimming around). The nutrients from drinks get absorbed into your bloodstream and nourish the fetus via the placenta. But not all substances that pass through that filter are safe for fetal development.

Moreover, research suggests excessive intake of some fluids like alcohol affect fetal growth negatively while caffeinated drinks increase certain risks associated with childbirth.

So it's crucial as an expectant mom (or mom-to-be or carrier-of-future-human) to watch out for what goes down her throat because everything consumed could yield positive or negative results towards ensuring a safe delivery without complications.

Beverages You Can Safely Consume:

Now let's dive straight into discussing the list of fluids which are deemed safe during those sensitive 9 months:


Drinking eight glasses daily has been connected with numerous benefits ranging from fighting off headaches to aiding digestion among others; but when one is carrying extra weight thanks to their developing angel, guzzling water should become second nature given excessive thirst can signal dehydration -another monster lurking-14 percent chance just behind every labor room doorway!


Milk does more than strengthen bones thanks to its calcium properties; It helps develop a healthy nervous system and muscles in your little one. Plus, it can help soothe pregnancy heartburn too!

Fresh Juice

Fresh juice is a tasty way to boost your vitamin C intake while remaining hydrated at the same time but steer clear of raw eggs and undercooked meat when juicing as that could increase risks of foodborne illnesses.

Decaffeinated Beverages

If you're craving coffee, tea or cocoa kick without the caffeine consult with an obstetrician, because here comes our disclaimer: brands vary regarding safety so medical guidance should be sought.

### Coconut Water Coconut water rehydrates like magic after sweating (or crying) while providing natural sugars deemed safer than processed juice; It's said moderate amounts are safe during pregnancy thanks to its electrolyte benefits- perhaps perfect for morning sickness relief as well? Sip away!

### Sport Drinks

Sport drinks such as Powerade provide athletes with essential minerals lost through sweat although they have high sugar content which if taken excessively increases chances of developing gestational diabetes hence moderation is key.

Others To Avoid At All Costs:

While we discussed what you can consume safely earlier on, there are fluids that must undoubtedly go off your menu plan since carrying them into those delicate months ups fetal harm risk levels by several notches. They include:


The ultimate don't-do-it beverage when pregnant; drinking alcohol during pregnancy has been indicated to result in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) sometimes termed 'hidden disabilities'.

No amount of alcoholic beverages has been proven safe during any trimester or even breastfeeding infancy period. Although experts suggest early diagnosis can lead to interventions that would mitigate some harmful symptoms, complete abstinence remains the best prevention ideal given zero chances guaranteed towards keeping those buds (babies) free from physical impairments.

In short - back up from everything alcoholic right now (even if cocktails were partaken religiously pre-pregnancy) because consequences are more than dire.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks contain caffeine, ginseng and other stimulants that one should stay away from to avoid serious complications (in simpler terms: Any substance with a lauded ability to "energize" the body is off-limits. Stick to safer alternatives).

Of course, some moms-to-be tend towards making their own recipes; but it's essential never to make assumptions since even homemade brews could be damaging.

Unpasteurized Drinks

Raw/unpasteurized juice or milk should register under an instant nope button thanks to risks tied with dangerous contaminations commonly found in them - Listeria! That doesn't mean you can't still enjoy that satisfying glass of fresh juice. Use clean kitchen equipment when juicing fruits and vegetables at home for maximum safety.

Reading The Label & Monitoring Caffeine Quantity

Nowadays checking labels everyday before taking anything is crucial- not just during pregnancy times- yet expectant ladies need to triple-check every drink consumed as well. Find ingredients like caffeine quantities lurking around energy drinks (or cold medicines/ prescription tablets) and eliminate those options ASAP if their content exceeds set limits.

Bear in mind! Coffee shouldn't exceed one cup per day while tea lovers should go decaf too keeping informed about replacements suitable for pregnant women reduces harm risk levels incredibly = #Goals indeed!

Also remember flavored versions of popular beverages may include excess sugar hence moderation always reigns supreme regarding consumption volume and frequency; It helps minimize gestational ward visits!

And as always seek medical advice from obstetricians who prescribe prenatal vitamins including required fluid intakes alongside creating positive encounters between mother(s) and new environment growing within her womb while encouraging healthy lifestyles whereby unwanted sugary beverage intake equally gets banished once baby has arrived just ask Usain Bolt mom Chelsea whose 'stork-proof'weight-loss program(rumored to get Beyonce's co-sign) helped her receive endorphin awards like happy hormones erupting everywhere.


In summary, taking care of your health during pregnancy is essential and that extends to what you drink too. Drinking plenty of water, milk, fresh juices and decaffeinated beverages among others can keep you hydrated while providing necessary vitamins for fetal growth.

On the flip side; alcoholic drinks -even in small quantities- energy drinks and unpasteurized fluids should be avoided at all costs due to their harmful effects on fetal development

Take some time when reading labels or consulting caregivers if unsure about any drink; it may seem exhaustive initially but becomes second nature given substantial efforts towards making sure those little bundles' journey into our world gets as smooth a transition as humanly possible! So moms-to-be raise your glasses (of water preferably) Cheers

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