Cherry Controversy: Can They Cause Black Stools?

Ah, cherries. The plump and juicy fruit that makes a great snack or topping for desserts. But have you ever noticed that after indulging in a handful of these little red balls of sweetness, your stools come out looking like they've taken on the color of Darth Vader's dark side? What gives?! There has been some controversy surrounding whether cherries can cause black stools, so let's take a closer look at what exactly is going on down there.

Cherry Controversy: Can They Cause Black Stools?

What Causes Black Stools?

Before we delve into cherry business, let's first talk about what actually causes black stools. When your stool appears darker than usual, it could be an indication of either bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract or food consumption. If you notice some blood in addition to dark-colored stool then it might indicate rectal bleeding which requires immediate medical attention.

When you're bleeding internally (but are still below the stomach), this is referred to as "melena". This results due to digestion where certain chemicals react with bile salts and other digestive enzymes such as amylase and lipases; it causes hemoglobin break down by fungi/microbes leading to excretion which happens through feces appearing black mucus-like substance

On the contrary when your stool appear tan brownish in colour usually refers to normal digestion process where all nutrient content was absorbed from intestines.

The Culprit: Anthocyanins

Now back onto our beloved cherries- their sneaky coloring agent lies within the compounds known as anthocyanins (how do I pronounce this again?) - water-soluble pigments responsible for giving fruits bright colors ranging from blueberry blues to grapey purples. Cherries contain high amounts of anthocyanins especially deep coloured/bright berries . When consumed in large quantities enough amount being metabolized ends up accumulating inside gut followed by pigment absorption to be later excreted in black forms.

Beware of Overindulging

While cherries are considered a healthy snack option, like all things fun and tasty - too much of it can lead to consequences you might not enjoy such as black stools. Dig into that cherry bag "responsibly" or maybe switch it up with different varieties for moderation in consumption. Watch out for tarter cherry recipes found online, those will have more anthocyanins compared to sweet dessert type which needs balance consideration when taking portions.

Other Foods That Can Give Black Stools

Truth be told there's many other food culprits that could cause dark fecal matter including: - Blueberries - Black licorice - Beets/Spinach - Red wine/ Beer

So if your stool is looking less than ordinary after consuming any of the above foods,don't panic just yet.

Although none of these food should necessarily result(like bleeding does) in an emergency room vist they're definitely worth being wary about whilst tracking certain bodily symptoms noting excessive diarrhea/bloating occurs .

Medical Attention?

If you notice deeper darker pigmentation along unusual stomach cramps ,it could indicate gastrointestinal bleeding (we don’t want this ok?), and medical attention should be sought immediately. Contacting healthcare professionals over minor differences provides reassurance also personal diagnosis making their advice even vital since placebo effect are ruled out.Shifting back diet mentioned earlier coincides usually resolve all issues without medication necessarily involved.

Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT)

Recent advancements on modern medicine require testing done at home completely abolishing hospital admittance routine(old-fashioned), thanks to early screenings via tests distributed online . Tests include identifying traces occurrence micro level bleeding via the bloodstream through stool samples performed twice annually preventively.

Tests detects bits and pieces present under microscope guided widely believed detect potential growths signs cancer; providing early detection capabilities thus prompt care for more serious health concerns besides black stooling.

Watch Out For Other Symptoms

Sometimes, it's not just your stool that can give you the biggest hint- other symptoms such as stomach rumbling/pains due to discomfort or nausea occurring may need medical attention consequently .The aforementioned should be taken too seriously since margin of error could lead to potential cirrhosis (yikes) .

The Bottom Line on Cherries Making Your Stool Black

While anthocyanins found in cherries don't necessarily cause bleeding (that is an entirely different issue), consuming this fruit artificially “marinates” fecal matter with darker shades after digesting its high amount. It’s still recommended when over-consumed excess they have lasting effects towards digestive comfort concluding ingestion control beneficial ie responsible binge consumption and awareness of one diet wise.

Don’t dismiss major symptoms like these which could potentially snowball into worse situations later on - who knows what else we might discover also colored our stools (no thank you!)

Just remember: eat those cherries "responsibly" so we endure sweet sweet cherry bliss without any indigestion!

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