Chillyish Out? Dress in 63 Degrees!

Have you ever looked outside and thought, "Hmm, it's chilly-ish out there." You know, that point where it's not quite cold enough for a parka, but definitely too cold to go without a jacket. Well my friend, I am here to tell you about the magic of dressing in 63 degrees weather.

Chillyish Out? Dress in 63 Degrees!

The Perfect Temperature

At 63 degrees Fahrenheit (17.2°C for our metric friends), the weather is just right. It's not too hot or too cold; it's like the Goldilocks of temperatures. You can wear just about anything and be comfortable because - let’s face it - sweat stains are never comfortable nor fashionable.

Layer Up with Purpose

The key to mastering this temperature is layering up! But don't just throw on any old sweater over your t-shirt and call it a day (unless that is your vibe). No no my friend that won’t do you justice when the wind chills kick in.

Dry Fit Layers

Start off with some moisture-wicking layers such as dry fit undershirts or sports bras which will keep you warm AND simultaneously prevent those unsightly sweat marks from showing up while also keeping everything snugly together.

Woolen Wonders

Next up comes woolen attire which might sound awful initially but fear not as merino wool garments are shockingly soft & lightweight yet help trap your body heat underneath them rather than inside of them causing discomfort much like some cheaper synthetic materials typically do.

Cozy Cardigans

A nice cozy cardigan in cashmere or cotton will cover all areas when paired with slim-fit pants/jeans to avoid looking bulky whilst masking underlayers perfectly well by themselves without needing many extra accessories.

Take A Hike

Going on an outdoor hike? Knitted clothing made from Merino wool/fleece material is your friend! Trust me — It’s specifically designed to help regulate body temperature during mild cold weather conditions while also providing sufficient ventilation too (#winning).

Furry Fabrics

Finally, top it all off with a fur-lined or woolen jacket. The fluffy fabric immediately adds to the warmth and comfort levels if you are living in an even colder climate such as North Canada..(insert snowman emoji)

Dressing for Different Occasions

But wait, can this magical temperature really work across different occasions? Well~ Let's try putting 63 degrees dressing etiquette through its paces.

Work Wear

For those working indoors where there's AC running day in and day out (shout out to my office pals!), air conditioning typically imitates Arctic climate-levels leading individuals often reaching for their fleece whilst sipping on hot cocoas or teas throughout the day but what If we told you that 63℉ , will allow you to wear Anything without worrying about heatwaves rolling through.

Confidence Working Crafts

A classic blazer layered over a sleek blouse/top offers confidence at every corner whilst keeping warm & smart-looking attire regardless of office-type ranging from fashion branding/ PR firms alongside million dollar hedge funds opportunities. Accessorize with a statement jewellery piece (earrings/necklace) plus shoes with personality without fear of feeling overdressed nor underestimated as they’re balance aligned properly when dressed appropriately.

Business Casual Meetings

Boss wanting business casual / corporate Wednesday dress code days? Oh boy do we have suggestions ready and waiting...First up pair pastel-shade coats tailored leg slacks/shirt combo giving off #girlboss vibes instantly. Second option includes knee-high boots paired loosely fitting shirtdress showcasing smart minimalist style creation goals forever.

Date Night Outfits

Going on an evening date? Congrats! No more stressing over whether to wear longer skirts versus shorter dresses, or if a coat will go with the outfit. With that perfectly comfortable weather in mind, we have some amazing date night outfit ideas to share.

Picnic Date Outfits

Going on an outdoor picnic? That doesn't mean you can't put together a cozy yet cute and trendy look. Dust off your midi/maxi dresses and team them up with ankle boots (chelsea boots being most versatile) which offers the perfect balance of chic & rustic aesthetics paired together ideally.

Rainy Day Outfits

Ah yes, nothing like a good ol' rainstorm. But what do you wear when it's chilly-rainy out there?

Rain Pal

Raincoat time! Opt for one made of waterproof fabric such as rubberized canvas or Gore-Tex technology — materials are ideal keeping dry even during shower spells plus layers styled underneath be the typical turtleneck sweater /slip dress combo however pair closely fitted rainboots ready to get muddy while enjoying #moody photo-shoots because why not!

Weather vs Experimentation

Now I know what some of my fashionable forward-thinking counterparts might think: "But 63 degrees is so limiting! What about experimenting?"

Listen here wise words from Yves Saint Laurent himself : "Fashions fade, style is eternal!"

So don’t worry fellow fashionista souls because let me tell ya’ll,

Accessorizing Within Limitations

One can always add various accessories such as statement earrings/scarf-neck bunches/shoes/belts options not just within these temperatures limits but also they can complement outfits without making them overbearing--hence 'less-is-more', especially for those luxury minimalist stylish-yet-options lovers ????????

Mixing Textures Safely

Or mix textures safely by pairing velvet instead silken jewelry-style statement pieces whilst leather finishes elevated alongside woolen bottoms/poplin shirts whereas denim jackets never fail uplifting every outfit imaginable.

Wearing 63℉ Attire Can Prevent Illnesses

Besides the fact that you can look effortlessly stylish while wearing outfits for (unfortunately) limited temperatures, dressing properly in such temperature ranges is also critical to preserving one's health.

Research indicates colds & flu virus types spread faster when individual(s) is exposed to constant cooler climates, so it may behoove those wanting optimal wellness achievements aiming for a preferred lukewarm background settings which this particular magical-range might provide. Plus there’s an immediate and noticeable change in your energy levels instantly to experience ????

Final Thoughts

So remember folks, don't limit yourself just because of mild weather conditions! Use what works best for you at any given moment- Keep comfy with style without compromising your immunity or looking like a carbon copy with every outfit switched up— that ideal balance makes anyone achieve more than expected easily. So show off self-love & creative spirits through emulating individual styles uniquely within these boundaries!

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