Choking Child? Quick Tips to Save a Life

By now, you've likely heard the terrifying sound of your child choking. Believe us; it's not something anybody wants to experience. It's one of those moments where all that emergency response knowledge comes rushing back at once, and everything feels like it must happen in an instant- except time seems to slow down drastically....

Choking Child? Quick Tips to Save a Life

Choking is gnarly, unpredictable, and incredibly scary (not necessarily in that order). Whether you're a new parent or have seen this scenario play out before (Everyone with kids raises their hands), the first thing you should know about unexpected choking scenarios is that speed can make all the difference.

The Heimlich Maneuver: What Is It?

The Heimlich maneuver has been around for decades as a go-to move when saving someone who is visibly struggling with getting something lodged within their throat out. Gone are the times when trying to stick your hand down someone's throat was considered adequate.

To break down precisely how performing effective CPR on somebody unconscious keeps them alive long enough until medical professionals arrive on scene... "First timers" will start panicking even before attempting such lifesaving procedures:

1) Determine whether your child is breathing by checking if they’re responding appropriately. 2) Assess whether there’s an obstruction happening by opening up their mouths gently and examining inside. 3) Attempt some slaps on their backside -never too hard! See if anything comes out after doing so. 4) Do note carefully: If none of these initial steps work- immediately begin stepping through The Heimlich Maneuver!

How To Perform The Heimlich On A Child

In serious cases surrounding foreign objects being trapped down somebody’s windpipe many sudden situations may occur causing any amount of distress ranging from mild airway blockage leading right up into complete suffocation/death indeed!

Step 1) Determine whether or not your child is choking on something by giving them a good lookover. Are they turning blue? Can you hear their wheezing gags and coughs from across the room?

A doctor would recommend using the "Look, listen, feel" method instead of relying on hearing alone- but we're just having fun here…so let's use our assessment skills for once!

Step 2) Stand directly behind your kid.

You can encourage any adults who happen to be around that they can help you out at this point- Just make sure somebody calls for professional assistance in case things take an abrupt turn; Pediatric airway obstructions are no joke!!!

Wrap one arm firmly around their waist with care taken to avoid inflaming whatever stuck inside...(you don't wanna end up killing them by accident). Once done:

1) Open up that fist good and tight 2) Find breathing compressions' so-called sweet spot(es) 3) Shove upward fast 'n’ hard

If nothing comes loose after performing roughly five thrusts (fist-size dependent), then hit rewind…

Things To Consider Before Attempting CPR

In other cases where someone passes out suddenly due to choking the circumstances could be dire enough where more advanced medical options are necessary as soon as possible.

At least two responders should work together when tending - quickly getting help there cannot stress it enough!

Although administering The Heimlich maneuver will almost always do wonders towards restoring respiration/pronounced relief overall following certain situations save only under severe conditions like these subjects benefit largely right away receiving immediate medical attention/support regardless of anything going on medically emergency-wise (Like sustaining life via proper oxygenation during unconsciousness).

Knowing What To Do When Your Child Stops Breathing All Together...

When someone stops breathing altogether... A life-saving technique such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation [CPR] deserves free reign here - like any emergency protocols followed in rapid response hospitals worldwide... it does work effectively during many cases!

Here are some basic rules as we highlight the steps of administering CPR for the uninitiated:

1) Kids are fragile- so lay them flat on a hard surface. 2) Tilt your head back gently while covered; you can use all that pressure to administer oxygen through their airways' windpipe functionally. 3) Recheck pulse zones regularly. 4) 30 compressions recommended across-the-board: This is where most people get lost- try humming along to "Staying Alive" when pressing down about two inches with vigor but not too hard overall... 5) Doing essential mouth-to-mouth resuscitation hollering out for help from anyone else around.


You never know when learning what must be done on extremely short notice could potentially save somebody's life right before your eyes...

Learning these tips may seem irrelevant now, but who knows?! You might find yourself choking next- life truly is stranger than fiction! So remember:

– Heimlich maneuvering successfully requires taking stock of urgency appropriately every step of the way/having at least one additional adult present whenever deciding to do this! – In other cases causing sudden unconsciousness following an extreme choking incident, calling 911 soonest encourages efficiently delivered medical attention/support capable enough keeping things under control concerning restoring breathing patterns/necessary oxygenation levels completely post-facto indeed!

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