Chubby Cheeks: Tips on How to Pick Up Weight in Your Face

If you've always dreamt of having those chubby cheeks that make everyone go 'aww', then this article is for you. We understand how some people struggle with gaining weight in their face while the rest of their body gains more than enough pounds.

Chubby Cheeks: Tips on How to Pick Up Weight in Your Face

Apart from creating a cuter persona, adding more volume to your face can also help redefine your facial features and take years off your appearance. But let's get one thing straight - we're not talking about bulking up everywhere else just so that the cheeks could keep pace with the other parts! Just like any other part of our bodies, building robust cheeks requires a balance between diet, lifestyle choices, and exercise techniques.

So without further ado,let's dig into these tips that will help plump up your cheeks.

The Right Diet Makes All The Difference

As much as it seems impossible for some people, gaining weight does require an excess intake of calories. However, swallowing anything at hand isn't going to do much good. Gaining healthy mass depends highly on what foods you consume.

Opt For Proteins

Foods rich in proteins are essential when aiming to gain muscle mass healthily - whether it be around the cheek area or elsewhere [1]. These include chicken breasts, tuna fish, red meat (in moderation), eggs (whites and yolks), edamame beans,quinoa,and broccoli among many others; all these aid in promoting tissue growth by giving them ample nutrients such as amino acids which build muscles or repair damaged ones[2].

Healthy Fats Are Key!

Too often fats have been given negative connotations associated only with causing obesity and heart complications- but getting those wholesome fatty meals in small servings can have significant perks impact on healthy weight gain [3]! And don’t mix this up: eating products full of trans fats (think processed chips or fast food burgers) can contribute to poor skin health or bloating [4]. Try opting for whole foods such as nuts, avocados, virgin olive oil plus Omega-3 fatty acid fishes like wild salmon to facilitate cheek volume build-up by giving your body vital minerals it needs[5].

Carbs Aren’t Always The Enemy

Yes, we're talking about good carbs. They help form glycogen stores in your muscles that provide valuable energy and strength training sessions; a better option is choosing complex carbohydrates such as brown rice/pasta/ bread compared to their simple carb counterparts: sugar-rich ones found in cakes/biscuits/candy that instead result in mood disruption/Crash shortly after ingestion [6]. Complex carbs are also rich sources of fibre which promotes healthy digestion and helps the body feel fuller throughout your day!

Exercise Your Way To Cheek Gains!

The diet you choose complemented with proper exercises makes up an unbeatable combination when looking to enhance facial fullness.

Facial Yoga Tips For Fuller Cheeks

Facial yoga includes various poses and techniques that target specific muscle groups surrounding the cheeks; these activities stimulate blood flow leading towards plumper contours [7].

● Jaw Opener: open your mouth widely as possible without overstretching; hold this pose for 5-10 secs.

● Fish Face: suck-in cheeks until they look hollow -then push outwards while holding this position for around five seconds per repetition

● Puffy Cheeks : fill one side of the mouth with air & keep there only using cheek muscles while holding this filled-chick pose for about fifteen – twenty seconds either alternates between both sides—repeat till cool down.[8]

All kinds of other yoga besides “facial"-yoga work too because they're effective at increasing skin elasticity promoting collagen production within underlying tissues!: So whether you try downward dog / warrior poses or sun salutations, incorporating some yoga every week is essential to enough exercise.

Cheek Massages: Rub Your Way To A Firmer Face

Our skin plays an important role in the final output of how our cheeks look. Scheduling daily face massages can improve lymphatic drainage and circulatory activities that enhance collagen production and decrease cellulite formation [9]. Gentle motions/friction around jawlines or using tools like jade rollers for massaging purposes help plump up facial tissues

It’s All About Your Lifestyle Choices

Gaining weight isn't only restricted to diet and exercise but also keeping a watchful eye on one's lifestyle choices.

Quality Sleep Is Vital:

The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep daily - this resting period allows your body/time for tissue regeneration (our already mentioned muscle targets) vital organs detoxification; anything less might have negative reactions from ruptured capillaries under delicate areas such as eyes[10].

Limit Stress When Possible

Stress hormone cortisol gives rise to excessive inflammation within the body triggering breakouts exacerbating fine lines forming along with other issues contributing towards thinner-looking faces [11].

Quit Smoking:

Smoking directly interferes/tightens blood vessels which reduces ample oxygen supply thus leading towards premature signs of aging reduced nutrients reached at targeted muscles - just some reasons why quitting smoking should be part of anyone struggling with sluggish gains[12]


Remember, gaining weight healthily takes time least it always better than any quicker fix unscientific methods! In conclusion, developing fuller looks extends far beyond what everyone thinks about - nutrients are everything complementing proper workout sessions plus routines aimed towards reducing stress levels/increasing good sleeping patterns critical long-term side effects helping aid building much-needed extra volume opposite individual features complimented by surrounding bodily regions![13]

So get ready for when people exclaim 'Oh my gosh, you're looking so cute lately, what’s your secret? having chubby cheek popularity translates great in the long run- big hugs and happy feasting!

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