Coax Out Baby with Nipple Stimulation: A Tutorial

You're almost there, Mama! Your due date is fast approaching, and the anticipation of finally holding your little one in your arms is starting to build up. But what if you go past your due date? You don't want to risk complications by waiting too long for labor to start.

Coax Out Baby with Nipple Stimulation: A Tutorial

Fear not! There's an age-old technique that has been known to help stimulate labor - nipple stimulation. Yes, you heard it right! It might sound strange, but many women swear by this method when they're overdue. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of using nipple stimulation to coax out that stubborn baby.

What Is Nipple Stimulation?

Nipple stimulation involves gently rubbing or rolling the nipples using fingers or a breast pump. This action releases hormones like oxytocin and prostaglandins into the body which helps jump-start contractions.

Now let's get down to business!

Before trying out nipple stimulation as a way to induce labor, gather all necessary supplies so you can focus on inducing those contractions!

Here's a list of essential items:

  • Chair or bed
  • Warm blanket
  • Glass of water (hydration is key!)
  • Timer/watch/clock
  • Breast pump (optional)

Make sure everything is within reach because once those contractions start kicking in; things are goingto get intense.

Also ensure you have water nearby because if six thousand years watching Planet Earth has taught us anything "The pack survives".

It’s important for both physical comfort and emotional peace that before starting breastfeeding,right posture should be maintained.. Choose a comfortable seated position where back support pillow can come handy.Empty bladder before sitting from avoiding any interruptions during session.Breastfeeding foot stool could also come in handy while setting up right posture.As usual, grab a warm blanket for extra comfort and make sure you're relaxed before beginning the process. This will increase your chances of success.

Gently rub or roll your nipples between your fingers or use a breast pump to get things started. As you do this, ensure that movement is not too fast but continuous.Pull gently outwards with sunflower oil so it doesnot hurt because nipple stimulation should feel good instead.Practice circular dough movements using mid finger around areola until milk lets down.

Here comes the important part! Continue stimulating: The recommendation is usually to perform nipplestimulation for at least 30 minutes at a time, preferably twice daily(Lamaze International). Use watch/ timer,set up fun activity like listening to music/watching stand-up comedy to distract oneself whilecausing stimulation.For added variety switch every five minute from one breast onto other as preferred.

Quick tip:Buy hands-free bra if looking free-self simultaneous hand-exercising session with baby in womb.After all who say's multitasking isn't possible!

If contractions begin then amazing job done Mama !..otherwise keep trying again during different parts of day/multiple times to see long lasting effect.

Remember consistency is key here! Don't be discouraged if nothing happens right away—nipple stimulation may take several attempts over multiple days and with inconsistent intensities; don’t overdo pressure on nipples thinking more force leads availing quick results.Calling Dr Google in panicking mode also doesn't help as everybody has their unique experience.So just relax and let nature takes its course .You got this mama !

It’s crucially important identify labor pains from Braxton Hick Contractions.Just take notice of body changes beyond physical ones:

  • Cramping:Pain similar like period
  • Lower Back Pain: Persistent ache either localized or radiating near to lower pelvic region
  • Diarrhoea or nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Contractions:Typically occurred 5 minutes apart and lasting for minimum upto one minute
  • Feelings of longing,tension,anxiety

If experiencing any major ones ,then congratulations Mama you’re on your way to delivering the long-awaited tiny human in arms!

It’s recommended checking with gynaecologist before beginning nipple stimulation processas they can ensure that pregnancy has progressed enough safely. They will advise how many times it needed to be performed inclusive of other practices (yoga/swimming etc.), using breast pump in a skin irritant-free manner.Assuming only methods learned from internet might have harmful consequences,hence their assurance is best. If getting contractions after practicing nipple stimulation then use phone number given by doctor beforehand.

There you go! You now know all about nipple stimulation and how it can help induce labor.So curl up in bed with your warm blanket, stream some Netflix shows; relax while stimulating those nipples.Commencing Baby positioning exercises along for more proactive approach should do wonders.Looking forward welcoming newest member into fold soon,Fingers crossed ...happy child-birthin' !

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