Countdown to Class: How Much More Days Until School

The summer break is coming to an end, and schools are starting soon. It's always a mixed bag of emotions for students- some will be excited to see their friends again, while others might dread having homework again. As boring as the thought of going back to school may seem, there's no denying that it can also be fun – especially if you're prepared in advance! So here’s a countdown telling you how many more days until school starts.

Countdown to Class: How Much More Days Until School

The Beginning

When summer started we all felt like we were swimming in time up till now; when suddenly the dreaded “C” word ‘countdown’ has crept on us out of nowhere!

Missing Those Summer Days Already?

It seems like just yesterday we couldn’t wait for this day but then BAM!! Time flies away so fast during vacations and now it’s freaking August which means school is only around the corner.

Don't Panic - Get Excited Instead

The prospect of returning back-to-school may not seem too appealing at first glance. But worry not! There are tons of things you can do before heading back fit enough with your A game intact.

  • Make plans with your friends
  • Pick out your outfit for the first week
  • Gather up supplies such as books or pens (that don’t smell bad)
  • Go bookhunting(Bookhunting simply refers to finding those perfect journals and pens from practical stationery shops!) ????????️

Gear Up and Get Set

Being organized is key when it comes down to getting ready for another academic year ahead:

Task To-do
Clear out Backpacks Takeout everything that isn’t important cleans them thoroughly
Lab Work Buy/Separate new sets or wear old ones
Labels Label every essential thing and bag
Locker Inspections Make sure your locker is clean and stocked with supplies

The Dreaded First Day

The night before the first day of school can be a doozy. Whether you're new, old or indifferent to the classroom - everyone experiences an ounce of anxiety.

Your Routine Does Count!

Starting something new especially going back to academics after months will never seem like fun but what’s more important is setting up a proper routine and music! Crank up on caffeine? Nope, there are various alternatives that you can turn to; such as daily dose of coconut water in lazy afternoons.

You Need Adequate Sleep Time

Ensure good quality sleep by removing possible annoyances from your room (or bed). Ensure light-blocking shades at windows that may interfere with hibernal hours- keeping indoors cool never seemed comfier.

Back-to-School Shopping Doesn't Have to Be Boring

It essential to get fancily prepared for this big event. But who said it has got be mundane?

Let De-Stressing Begin

Start shopping for all things comfortable like pyjamas, comfy socks breathable-wear shirts and invigorating toothbrushes-anything which makes you feel happy and unstressed when mornings fogged up awakenings happen.

Snacks for Class Are Vital Too

Importance Of quick snacks cannot be denied..(when I say quick I‘m talking about healthy food because we ain’t starting off our academic year unhealthily!)--Crunchy fruits, salubrious chips-hummus-guacamole dips (these are LIFE!), sweet/salty mixed nuts, granola bars(especially those chocolate covered ones drools!)

Where Should We Shop At Though?

Let’s list down some affordable options:

1) Target 2) Walmart
3) Amazon (check out their savings option while buying...IT'LL BLOW YOUR MIND!) 4) Dollar stores (generic snacks all the way when price is concerned!)

Repeat After Me: It's All About Comfort

Slow clap for all those who still think it’s only about clothes and bags! Apart from backpacks, staying loyal to comfortable shoes will spare your feet come class time!

But How Many More Days Till We're Finally There?

Enough talk. Time to face reality!! Below are countdowns till school starts in different countries:

  • USA: 23 days
  • UK: 29 days
  • Australia: 27 days


No matter how much we try to delay the inevitable but going back-to-school isn't such a bad thing after-all. Just remember that preparation is key... fun too, apparently????‍♀️


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