Countdown to Summer: How Many Days Until It’s Here?

Summer is almost upon us, and for many people, that means one thing - time to start planning your summer vacations! But before you can do that, you need to know how many days are left until summer officially begins. Thankfully, we've got all the details below so read on!

What Is the Start Date of Summer?

Before we dive into the countdown itself, let's get some basic information out of the way. When does summer actually begin? Well, it depends on who you ask. If you're using astronomical terminology and looking at the solstice (which marks the longest day of the year), then summer officially starts on June 20th or 21st in most places.

Calculating Your Countdown

Now that we know when summer technically starts let's start counting down those precious days until it arrives!

You could use a calendar marked with big red Xs but what fun would THAT be?! No excitement involved whatsoever...Instead check out this table detailing just how long there is until sunny days:

Day Number of Days
Today 0
One week from now 7
Two weeks from now 14
Three weeks from now 21
Four weeks from now (aka one month) 28
Five weeks from now (well almost two months!) 35

Have you started packing yet?

Relaxation Time Approaching...

If reading through these numbers has made your heart rate increase ever so slightly already picturing sandy beaches and cocktails by Google image search in Aspen- don’t worry! We’re here to tell/remind/hype up "How much closer" real beach benches are becoming !

In other words:

You Don't Have Long To Wait At All!

However long those numbers feel right now remember there’s always a light at the end of this tunnel! Right now, it's mere weeks away so clear out that wardrobe and say goodbye to winter boots!

What to Do While You Wait?

Whilst we cannot speed up time, in any shape or form – however much anyone covets Hermione Granger's Time Turner - think about your summer plans. So whilst waiting if you haven't got a plan yet for all those free afternoons? Fear not! We’ve compiled plenty of options that should help get you through until summertime arrives:

  • Start researching new destinations
  • Create vision board on 'Pinterest'
  • Consider improving surfing skills
  • Think About Music Festivals
    • Spend an afternoon getting lost in Lineup TBC

Whatever route takes your fancy -- Remember: This countdown officially begins as soon as sundresses are bought en masse !


So there you go folks-- the official Countdown to Summer 2022 is happening right before our eyes (just keep wearing sunglasses indoors and pretend beach resides). Before we know it, we'll be breaking out the swimsuits and firing up the grills. In other words: stock up on every flavour ice cream they sell & wait just a little bit longer because nothing beats soaking up sunrays by day & starry skies by night!

Happy Counting!

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