Counting Sheep or a Baby: Is Not Sleeping a Sign of Pregnancy?

Ah, the joys of pregnancy. Your body is changing in ways you never thought possible, your emotions are going haywire, and sleep? What's that again?

Counting Sheep or a Baby: Is Not Sleeping a Sign of Pregnancy?

Insomnia is something many pregnant women experience - and it can be incredibly frustrating.

But is not sleeping really a sign of pregnancy? Let's take a closer look.

The Science

As with most things related to our bodies, hormones play a big role in sleep during pregnancy.

Firstly, there's progesterone - this hormone helps relax the muscles in your body (including the uterus), so baby has more room to grow. However, it also relaxes other smooth muscle tissue in your body such as the gastrointestinal tract – leading to indigestion and reflux before bed time when higher levels occur- doesn't sound fun right?

This includes those found in your airways which result in loud snoring or even plain old breathing difficulty due to blockages or narrow throat space resulting from an increase in blood volume (heh).


Estrogen plays its part too by making changes throughout your whole system especially triggering cortisol secretion when lfor short term management but other chronic insomnia cases due could arise if levels remain overly high without managing evening habits[2] .

In addition,[3]

A side effect for some women experiencing Rebounded REM Sleep after prolonged events where earlier phases have been eliminated which intensifies dreams once broken; how weird does that!?

So while hormones might lead directly only one way to not getting enough ZZZs during these nine months ,there are others factors at play too!


Before we explore further on why Insmonia may just signify being preggers.,we need their debunk common myths such as:

Myth #1: Many Pregnant Women Experience Insomnia.

It's true that plenty of expectant mums struggle to catch those much-needed zzs, it isn't universal. For instance, I never had a problem with sleep when I was expecting my children.

Myth #2: If You're Not Sleeping Well, You Must Be Pregnant

As we've seen above: while insomnia is certainly thought to be more prevalent in pregnant women - there are other factors at play too. So just because you're struggling with your sleep doesn't necessarily mean all hope is lost for catching some shut-eye (or throwing yourself out the window) .

The Reality

Now that we know a bit more about the causes and myths related to pregnancy and insomnia let us see truly how it may manifest:

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

  • It can increase due airway blockage which increases snoring.
  • Intermittent stop-start breathing during the night causing exhaustion for both partners or even risks instigating preexisting hypertension issues[4] .

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

One common issue reported by many would-be mothers is RLS which can occur as early as second trimester,could ruin nap-time,[5] .and involves sensations from tingling or itching skin biting away on legs leaving them restless until treated.[6]

The good news?

RLS usually subsides postpartum so Just slather on lotions like coconut oil mixed basic aromatherapy ingredients such orange mixing well rubbing bottom soles deeply releasing any energy pools.

Those suffering continuous this should also speak their health providers since long term usage without medical approval could result unwanted toxicity build-up especially during periods sudden hormonal changes where type administered altered affect reaction hence unhealthy dependency formations become risk.

Coping Mechanisms

Regardless of whether you have confirmed bun tucked nicely inside oven or not , not sleeping through nighttime hours positively aggravates morning angst among other obvious side effects.

So,in coping mechanism while the pregnancy journey goes on,try these tips for less tossing and turning:

Cool space

  • Keep your thermostat between 60-65°F .
  • A fan in essential touch especially during summer months.

Late afternoon cardio

A little outdoor walk or aerobics class/cardio after work hours helps deal with nervous energy. Hints of vitamin D exposure and ensuring enough water intake throughout day also assistance.[7]

Meditation or Yoga techniques to calm anxiety at night

Yoga breathing has benefits pattern rhythms so deep-full inhales matched exhale help shut mind off calming overall system .[8] Also ,meditation before bedtime try visualizing soothing environment,recite positive affirmations chant one simple phrase such 'calmness'. These time tested traditions practiced properly (push egos aside) result better deeper sleeping.


It's no secret - being pregnant is challenging both physically and emotionally. Finding comfort while trying beneficial strategies keeping body healthy balance naturally can be difficult for many mothers-to-be: but remember there's always someone going through similar situations. In understanding how symptoms manifest recognized treatable helps ease stress associated with pregnancy which only good news.[9] So next time you’re up wondering counting sheep versus a baby keep wild thoughts under control by reigning rhythmically focusing different physical muscle groups providing relief until it all pans out eventually[10]

Pleasant dreams!

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